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I Am Your President

Game created by President Studio .

App changes last updated 6 months ago / News last updated 2 months ago

Detailed Description

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About the Game

I Am Your President is a game in which you play as the President of the United States and make a decision straight from your oval office.

Talk, solve problems in the country.
Respond to random events. Try to make the right decisions.
Play a leading role on the international stage. Lead wars, create alliances.
Lead the negotiations at the highest level.
Create your own speeches, statements and presidential communications.
Use social media!
Track the effects of your actions in news and reports.
Try to survive as the President. If an impeachment occurs, you must start the entire presidential term again!

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The whole world in your hand

As the President of the United States, you will gain great power, also on the international arena. Will you be a watchman of peace in the world or a bloodthirsty beast that bombards others? It's your decision and your responsibility. You will receive many tools that will influence the future of the whole world.

A large number of dialogues

The game will contain a lot of dialogues and their subject will be very diverse - from simple personnel decisions to matters of state importance. The events that you encounter during the game will be mostly random, so that each time you start a new game you will face a completely new situation. Remember that every decision you make, even the most trivial, affects the state of your country.


Achieve your goals in hard negotiations with other people during the negotiating minigame. You will use cards collected during the normal course of the game. These cards reflect the president's oratorial arguments and skills. Use them wisely.

Master of social media

Nowadays, a politician cut off from social media has no chance. An excellent entry in social media can be` the key to great popularity among the public or a nail in the coffin of a careless person. The words of such an important person as the president of the United States can change a lot, not only in the country but also around the world.

Compose your own speeches and statements

As the president of the United States, you will be preparing speeches and writing statements on important matters. Compose a speech that seize the heart of taxpayers, strengthen their morale and let you get the title of a the most charismatic leader ever! At least in assumption, because maybe you will prove hopeless and you will not understand the current needs of your voters. Better git gud ;).
I Am Your President

Play as another US president! Decide on the fate of millions of people in your country and around the world.


Developer: President Studio

Publisher: PlayWay S.A.

Type: game


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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