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GameMaster: MAGUS

Game created by Emperor Development and released May 25, 2018 .

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Detailed Description

In GameMaster: Magus, you really can play the ultimate role ever existed in Pen and Paper roleplaying. You can be The One with godlike powers, you can be The Game Master. Enjoy the right mixture of World Simulation, Player Simulation, RPG and Card Game mechanics blending into unique and innovative RPG Simulation. The vivid world of MAGUS is simulated in depth, adventurers live their own personal lives. Using your Quest Cards wisely, you can make your AI controlled players improve allowing more and more possibilities to unlock. Each combination of cards is a unique Story to tell and brings a new challenge for them. Have effect on the world, create suitable quests, let heroes progress faster and use your GM powers well. Your decisions make adventurers and the world react, and evolve or fall ultimately.

Behold the Game Master!
Tell your stories, create quests, play your cards to progress. Master the ultimate GM power to shape your adventurers' lives and destiny.

Dive into MAGUS!
Explore the depth of the MAGUS fantasy universe. The essence of 60 novels, 25 rulebooks and expansions await you.

The Party is On!
All set: pen and paper, dice and cards... Your players are ready to take part your untold legends.


  • Unique mixture of World Simulation, Player Simulation and RPG in the role of The Game Master.
  • The game is an official licensed product and based on MAGUS, the most popular Hungarian pen and paper roleplaying game ever. It has more than 25 rulebooks, and a detailed lore of 60 novels.
  • Improved MAGUS roleplaying ruleset
  • World Simulation based on scientific macro models: Demographics, Economy, Security, Politics, Races, Factions, World Events
  • Trade system with simulated economy, markets, goods, traders
  • Player Simulation using RPG micro model: Each player is unique, has various class, attributes, skills, faction, personalities defining their actions. Adventurers are self-motivated to complete matching quests, improve their skills and equipment, to learn, heal and live their life making their own decisions.
  • Create quests collecting, combining and playing wisely your Quest Cards
  • Play increasing number of Story modules, or the Sandbox mode to tell your own stories via card triggered creative narrative
  • Progress to unlock: Huge playfield: 3.75 million square meters of playing area, filled with 65 regions, cities and 200+ POIs including famous locations of Ynev. Endless character variations: 4 races, 25 classes, 19 factions, 101 personalities could mix and react
  • Vast and increasing number of Quest Card combinations and stories to tell: 130 illustrated and animated cards: locations, challenges, world events, monsters and specials
GameMaster: MAGUS

GameMaster: Magus is a unique RPG simulation, bringing you the ultimate role to play in RPG games: The Game Master


Developer: Emperor Development

Publisher: Emperor Development

Type: game

Released: May 25, 2018


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