Drink Inc. Demo

Demo created by Nikkihends Production and released March 23, 2018 .

App changes last updated 12 months ago

Detailed Description

Controller Required
This game currently requires the use of a PC controller. Any general joystick-based controller that can connect to the system will work.

Like Playing Games?
Like Drinking?
Have Some Friends?

Then it is time to try out the first ever drinking video game! With 8 player support, this game is the ultimate party game for you and your buds. Compete in mini games, draw some cards, play unique drinking games, and much more in this crazy couch party game.

Solo Games

Face your buds and see who can out beat the others in 25+ mini games. Depending on how bad you play, you may have to take some drinks for your performance.

Team Games

Are you bad by yourself? No worries! Every game has a team version. Pick you teams and start the competition! Ultimate 4v4 action to see who the best team is!

8 player local support

Got some friends? Well get them all together cause this game supports up to 8 controllers!

Drinking Games

Want some more reasons to drink? Well then these games are for you! Play in 10 drinking games that will be having you and your friends giving and taking drinks!


With over 200 different cards, every game will be unique. There are many different types of cards, with some adding extra drinking to others being funny activities.

Drink Pickups

Try and snag the drink pickup in-game to give out even more drinks!

Unique Characters

Over 20 unique and funny characters to play as. With various color options, there are many possibilities to play with.


Play challenges to get some tabs to spend in the store! Play by yourself or with up to 8 people to see if you can all team up and complete the given objective. Don't worry, there is a drinking option in this too!


Change your name, outfits, colors, sounds, effects, and much more to make your character as personal as possible!

Non-Drinking Mode

This game is a fun drinking game but is also an awesome party game too! You don't always have to be drinking to play and thus every mode features a "Non-Drinking" mode.


Thought the mini games weren't enough? Try out even more extra drinking games. Play unique card games, vote on players, play Never Have I, or face each other off in a turn-based game for a more casual drinking experience.
Drink Inc. Demo

Grab the Drink Inc. demo! First ever drinking video game with 8 player support!


Developer: Nikkihends Production

Publisher: Nikkihends Production

Type: demo

Released: March 23, 2018


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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