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Dead Shot Heroes Demo demo

Released: 2 weeks from now

Developer: Martin Kutlak

Publisher: Martin Kutlak

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multiplayer online battle arena ( MOBA ) style game from first person view designed for VR compatible with non-VR

Detailed Description

Dead Shot Heroes is an FPS MOBA style game designed for VR but compatible with non-VR.
In the game are two teams that try to push forward through enemy lines and destroy the enemy base. It is up to you to help your team.
Gain experience and money to improve your character and unlock new skills.
Collect bonuses to earn more health or ammunition.
Precise aiming and speed will decide who will be the best.
This game supports VR and non VR so you can play with your friends that don't have any VR headset.

Demo Limitations:
- No new levels - You have one level at the beginning of the game so you can test different special abilities but you don't gain any new levels.
- Smaller map - In this map there is only one tower instead of 4 towers so the line is much shorter, the jungle is also smaller.
- No Global teleport

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