The American Dream Soundtrack

Dlc created by Samurai Punk,Riley Koenig and released March 14, 2018 .

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Detailed Description

The original soundtrack for The American Dream.
Composed by Riley Koenig
Available in .mp3 and .wav

  • 01_Welcome to the American Dream
  • 02_Let's Get the Basics
  • 03_Bonding Time.wav
  • 04_Bouncing in the Bedroom
  • 05_First Date
  • 06_Flipping Flat Cakes
  • 07_Prom Dance
  • 08_Bad Prom Date
  • 09_Fantastical Carwash
  • 10_The Dinner Date
  • 11_The Birds and the Bees
  • 12_A Well Needed Intermission
  • 13_Getting Hitched
  • 14_Pesky Pete
  • 15_Cruising on Cream Cheese
  • 16_Wasting Time
  • 17_Twiddling Thumbs
  • 18_Daily Lazy Ukelele Gravy
  • 19_The Most Intense Haircut Ever
  • 20_Glory to America the Beautiful
  • 21_When Your Kid is Faster Than You Thought
  • 22_The End is Near
  • 23_An Aural Dictatorship
  • 24_Transformers in Diguise
  • 25_Final Plea
  • 26_So Long Farwell
  • 27_BONUS_How to Live The American Dream - An Educational Film
  • 28_BONUS_The American Dream - July 4th Trailer
  • 29_BONUS_The American Dream - Launch Trailer
The American Dream Soundtrack

The original soundtrack for The American Dream.

Parent Game

Developer: Samurai Punk,Riley Koenig

Publisher: Samurai Punk

Type: dlc

Released: March 14, 2018


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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