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Galactic Harvester game

Released: March 23, 2018

Developer: ToastieLabs

Publisher: ToastieLabs

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Earth is dying. Our sun has gone cold. Your farming skills might be humanity's last hope. Take your botany skills to another planet, establish a base, and grow a bountiful harvest.

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Detailed Description

A hex based farming game with a twist. Set in a dystopian future where farming on earth is nearly impossible, you must take to the stars to grow food for humanity.

After landing on a remote planet you are given a biodome, a tractor, and a couple of tools. You will need to manage the land, grow crops, and make a profit.

As your space colony grows, new crops will become available. From modified but familiar fruit and vegetables from Earth, to new and exotic vegetation native to your new planet. Even try your hand at building a forestry.

When you grow your crop, adventurers will arrive to join your colony. Reach a high enough population and you will be able to build new habitats and research facilities, and in return you will be rewarded with access to the resources the expansion has to offer. Maintaining a space colony isn’t easy; colonists will give you requests and if you can’t provide for them then some may leave.

You will discover some new tools and equipment to help you along the way:
  • Watering cans and sprinklers will let you water your crops;
  • Lights will help you see at night;
  • Chainsaws will let you cut down trees;
  • And more...

This game was originally created in just 7 days for Epic's 2017 MegaJam. There is a demo of the game that has been left exactly as it was submitted to Epic for consideration. This free demo will not be updated to reflect the progress made on the main game.

Prompt: "However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light."

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