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Synther game

Developer: Neofuturist

Publisher: Fat Dog Games

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Synther is a hardcore noir detective FPS in Cyberpunk world with Commodore 64 style graphic and Standard Galactic Alphabet as language.

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Detailed Description


it's a POV experience, no imaginary player characters.


brutal world, no tips, different language, no hand-holding.


to accomplish the simulation Synther must work like a real detective.


there is a specific amount of time that syncs with your Windows timer - if you don't complete your mission in time it is over. If you try cheat by changing the time, simulation will crash.

Synther has been in development for three years, since 2013. It's highly inspired by movies like Blade Runner, anime like Ghost In The Shell and games like Deus Ex, B.A.T. Syndicate from 1993.

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