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Mysterious Realms RPG game

Released: 1 month from now

Developer: Itharius

Publisher: Itharius

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Mysterious Realms is a turn-based roguelike RPG about exploring the realms of mystery.
Innovative combat system, random events, curious objects and many more awaits your party!

App changes last updated 6 days ago / News last updated 18 hours ago

Detailed Description

Mysterious Realms is a turn-based rouglike RPG type game about exploring the realms of mystery. In this game player takes control over the team of brave heroes and has to go with them on the dangerous missions. Mysterious Realms has a unique combat system based on the deck with crystals.


  • Turn based rogue-like with unique combat system
  • Embark on a dangerous missions, bringing glory and riches
  • Encounter curious objects, dangerous events and deadly enemies
  • Use Crystals in five colors to overcome obstacles
  • Attribute base checks
  • Equip your heroes with powerful equipment

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