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Irony Of Nightmare

Game created by Steppe Hare Studio and released December 12, 2017 .

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House on the Hill has been released on Steam

Irony Of Nightmare - July 29, 2020

Our new game, House on the Hill, has been released on Steam. It is a story-driven mystery that combines various horror genres in a single narrative.

Added Steam Achievements

Irony Of Nightmare - January 15, 2018

Today we added Achievements. Have a good game.

Steam Achievements

Irony Of Nightmare - January 14, 2018

In the store you can see that the game has achievements. Actually 01/15/2018 we will add achievements to the game.

Patch December 18 2017

Irony Of Nightmare - December 18, 2017

     Some sounds have been reworked

Patch December 15 2017

Irony Of Nightmare - December 15, 2017

Now you can not climb on many subjects

Patch December 14 2017

Irony Of Nightmare - December 14, 2017

Fixed bugs with a bear collision

Patch December 13 2017

Irony Of Nightmare - December 13, 2017

The design of the start button on the computer has been redone

Day one patch

Irony Of Nightmare - December 12, 2017

Thanks to all those who support us and help with finding bugs and suggestions for improving the game.

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Irony Of Nightmare

In the Irony of Nightmare things aren't always as they seem. Those who decide to solve all puzzles of the game, not only will unravel true secret of house, but also will open completely different ending of the story.


Developer: Steppe Hare Studio

Publisher: Steppe Hare Studio

Type: game

Released: December 12, 2017


Score: 0

Recommendations: 284

Metacritic: 0

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