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Board Games VR

Game created by artArmin and released January 12, 2020 .

App changes last updated 8 months ago / News last updated 3 weeks ago

Detailed Description

Play board games in virtual reality.

Currently the only games available to play are backgammon and checkers, which take place in a room.

Please note that you might need a chair to sit on when playing the game. In which case, try not to injure yourself.

Development of this game started as a hobby project to chill, play backgammon. After a while I decided to share this game and its experience with the world.

I hope you will enjoy the game!

Share your constructive feedback here and watch it happen over time!
Board Games VR

Play board games in virtual reality. backgammon, checkers, etc.


Developer: artArmin

Publisher: artArmin

Type: game

Released: January 12, 2020


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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