Aim Lab

Game created by Statespace and released February 7, 2018 .

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Aim Lab – Celebrating our 150th update

Aim Lab - June 15, 2019

Completely new UI - Categorizes tasks as well as separates Training and Assessment, new look, new feel.

Early Access Build 0.21 EB reverted to 0.20 EB due to login issues for some users

Aim Lab - May 19, 2019

We have reverted the lasted build to its previous one to investigate some users not being able to register an account. If you experienced these issues while playing earlier today while that build was up please E-Mail [email protected]

Patch Notes: Early Access Build - 0.19 EB

Aim Lab - April 15, 2019

New Features

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Aim Lab

The ultimate FPS/TPS training solution: Aim Lab blends cutting-edge performance tracking and analytics with machine learning to make you better, faster.


Developer: Statespace

Publisher: Statespace

Type: game

Released: February 7, 2018


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Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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