Hell Let Loose

Game created by Black Matter Pty Ltd and released June 6, 2019 .

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Developer Briefing #32 – Resource Nodes

Hell Let Loose - July 11, 2019

Welcome to Developer Briefing 32! This week we’re officially revealing ‘Resource Nodes’, the first stage of new features designed to add further RTS style tactical depth and player options to our existing Warfare game mode.

Developer Briefing #31 - Utah Beach's Defences

Hell Let Loose - July 4, 2019

Welcome to Developer Briefing 31! This week we’re taking a first look at some of the new map features that players will be contesting with when Utah arrives later this month.

Patch #3 - Live Now!

Hell Let Loose - July 4, 2019

We've just deployed a small patch to address the following issues that have been reported to us:

Developer Briefing #30 - Armour!

Hell Let Loose - June 27, 2019

Welcome to Developer Briefing #30! In this weeks briefing we’re taking a deeper look at armour in Hell Let Loose and how it behaves under heavy weapon fire.

Patch #2 - Live Now!

Hell Let Loose - June 20, 2019

Patch #2 is now live!

Developer Briefing #29 – Leaning!

Hell Let Loose - June 18, 2019

Welcome to Developer Briefing #29! This week we’re giving you the first look at leaning in Hell Let Loose ahead of its addition to the game in Patch #2 later this week!

Patch #1 Notes

Hell Let Loose - June 13, 2019

We’re excited to bring you on the patch and update journey with us. We’re aiming to patch as frequently as possible to make sure your experience keeps improving. We know there are so many things people are looking forward to and we’re excited to get them in. While we’ve got some exciting large features coming in our first Update (due mid July), we are keen to continue optimising and improving the game across the board. You can find the changelog for our first patch below:

An update on our anti-cheating measures

Hell Let Loose - June 12, 2019

Hi everyone. We wanted to give you an update as soon as possible on our anti-cheating measures:

Developer Briefing #28 - Early Access Launch, What's Next Utah Underground!

Hell Let Loose - June 11, 2019

Welcome to Developer Briefing #28 and our first since Early Access launch!

Hell Let Loose takes its 100-player WW2 battles into Early Access

Hell Let Loose - June 9, 2019

Large-scale World War 2 shooter Hell Let Loose has entered Early Access, where it will remain for at least a year.

Hell Let Loose dives into the hundred-player trenches of early access

Hell Let Loose - June 7, 2019

Jumbo-scale World War 2 FPS Hell Let Loose launched into early access yesterday, and after some launch-day troubles seems to be gaining the acceptance of the historical shooter crowd. While developers Black Matter have at least one full year of development still planned, players can jump in now for some gritty squad combat on a massive scale, with huge maps and fifty players a team. Forests are dense, bullets are very deadly, and artillery is a nightmare. From what I’ve seen so far, it seems like a good pick for the tactical squad chatter crowd. See the launch trailer below.

Hotfix 2 - Missing Active Servers

Hell Let Loose - June 7, 2019

We've seen reports of some players being unable to find servers when navigating the server browser.

Hotfix 1 - Tank Physics

Hell Let Loose - June 6, 2019

We hope you're having a fantastic time so far!

Welcome to Early Access!

Hell Let Loose - June 6, 2019

Early Access launch day is here!

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Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose is a realistic World War Two first person shooter with open battles of 100 players with infantry, tanks, artillery, a dynamically shifting front line and a unique resource based strategic meta-game. This is World War Two at a scale you’ve never played before.


Developer: Black Matter Pty Ltd

Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd

Type: game

Released: June 6, 2019


Score: 0

Recommendations: 2752

Metacritic: 0

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