Industrial Petting

Game created by Another Yeti .

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Bug patch: v0.0.180

Industrial Petting - February 2, 2020

Quick bug fix patch now live! Focused on player interactions and getting better data about corrupt saves. Also should improve backend and multiplayer stability.

VR Support!

Industrial Petting - January 14, 2020

Hey everyone! Industrial Petting will now launch with full SteamVR support. The whole game will be playable either on a flat screen or in a headset! VR Players will be able to play multiplayer with other VR players, or with flat screen players as well! This has been exciting to work on, and the game has been designed with virtual reality in mind since the very beginning.

Multiplayer hotfix

Industrial Petting - July 31, 2019

-Fixed bug where players could not start multiplayer game

New World Generation and Petting Hotfix

Industrial Petting - July 3, 2019

A small update this week: some refined world generation and fixing broken pet behavior.

Gardener Update!

Industrial Petting - June 20, 2019

Gardeners are now in-game! These little bushes will take care of and “water” your plants for you, giving huge farming boosts!

Nibbler Update!

Industrial Petting - March 14, 2019

This last week has seen some internal changes to make adding new pets easier, which should help speed up development. More importantly, some artists are being hired to make adding new buildings and pets much quicker.

Patch 0.0.145

Industrial Petting - February 2, 2019


Patch 0.0.143

Industrial Petting - January 31, 2019


Patch 0.0.141

Industrial Petting - January 21, 2019


Patch 0.0.137

Industrial Petting - January 13, 2019


Patch 0.0.135

Industrial Petting - January 3, 2019


Patch 0.0.134

Industrial Petting - January 2, 2019

New stuff

Patch 0.0.133

Industrial Petting - January 1, 2019


Hotfix Patch

Industrial Petting - December 31, 2018


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Industrial Petting

Industrial Petting is the chance for you and your friends to explore an alien world, find new pets, get them to love you, and sell them on the galactic market. Build factories to make more creatures, farms to feed them, and gadgets to entertain them.


Developer: Another Yeti

Publisher: Another Yeti

Type: game


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