Dark Skies: The Nemansk Incident

Game created by DK Productions .

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Detailed Description

October 2002, Nemansk Region: A meteor hits and changes the area forever. Russian researchers and the military send intelligence teams to investigate the incident. But soon after they reached the area, the contact was lost. You are Prochor Visinov, an ex soldier who works for an external scientist group. As an indipendent force it is your task to enter the area and retrieve the information the governmental scientists collected! Bring order to the area, destroy the threat and bring light into darkness! What happened here? And what did the scientists find out? Welcome to Nemansk!

What can you expect?

- Unique Atmosphere
- Open Area Levels
- Challenging Enemies
- Exclusive Soundtrack & Ambiance created by the Developer himself.
- A lovingly handcrafted and detailed world.
- Radiation and more Dangers to face!
- Detailed weapons and even unique hidden guns!

Dark Skies: The Nemansk Incident - is the 2nd Project of Indie Game Developer "DK Productions".
It was planned in 2016 right after the release of "Hunted: One Step Too Far".
While the game was praised for its great and creepy atmosphere, it was also criticized for it's technical flaws and lack of in-depth gameplay.

I aimed to improve on every aspect and learned new ways to achieve great environmental coherence and atmosphere.
Along the ride I gained more and more experience on how to make your game unique and fun to play.
Still, this game is ment to be hard and challenging. Surviving in this surreal world should not be an easy task.
I tried my very best creating this game and I hope you enjoy it!

- DK Productions
Dark Skies: The Nemansk Incident

A hardcore shooter with unforgiving mechanics and deep atmopshere. Every step could be your last. Set in the fictional Nemansk Region in southeast of Russia, your task is to find information about a meteorite and a missing science team.


Developer: DK Productions

Publisher: DK Productions

Type: game


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