Game created by Soleil Ltd. and released June 4, 2018 .

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Detailed Description

This is a game changer!

We listened to your feedback and implemented some substantial changes to make RockShot more fair and balanced:

One of the most important comments was that spending money in the shop provides players with an unfair advantage by granting them access to more powerful weapons. You did not like that, so we changed it!
For now you will not be able to buy weapons for Gold. Instead, you can now only purchase weapons for Dollen, the ingame currency you earn by playing. Yes, this includes the Gachas that contain weapons!

For those of you who have already spent money on RockShot we have a special announcement: We have refunded all payments to your Steam accounts to make up for our recent in-game shop changes. This step should show our grattitude towards our loyal player base and we hope that you continue playing our game and providing valuable feedback to improve the play experience.

The RockShot Team

About the Game

RockShot: Free-to-play team-based shooter combining brisk battles with innovative elements

Choose from a wide range of weaponry and bring your enemy to their knees in fast-paced online battles.
Engage the enemy from range with your firearms, close the distance and let them taste the blade of your katana, or sit back and rain artillery down on their position. Show your skills in a variety of different PvP and PvE modes and rock the battlefield!

Epic Melee Action and Deadly Airstrikes

Hone your combos in the sophisticated melee system, using a choice selection of weaponry such as katanas and electric guitars, or obliterate your foes with precision airstrikes. Earn more firepower, outfits and items with every kill, then build and expand a fortress for you and your friends.

Key Features of RockShot

  • Dynamic third-person shooter
  • Massive arsenal of weaponry from katanas to airstrikes
  • Competitive raid mode with expandable team bases
  • Regularly rotating PvP and PvE game modes

RockShot is a free-to-play dynamic third-person shooter combining traditional online shooter gameplay with innovative elements. Explore a massive arsenal of firearms or rock the battlefield with crazy melee weapons and deadly airstrikes!


Developer: Soleil Ltd.

Publisher: Gameforge 4D GmbH

Type: game

Released: June 4, 2018


Score: 0

Recommendations: 353

Metacritic: 0

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