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Relic Hunters Legend Partnership Program

Relic Hunters Legend - September 10, 2019

Our game is built with love and respect between us and our community. We want to find people with the same values as us to help us build a safe and welcoming place for everyone and spread the word about Relic Hunters Legend.

The Full Party Update is already available!

Relic Hunters Legend - September 9, 2019


Open Development Week #93: Raff is Coming Next Week!

Relic Hunters Legend - August 27, 2019

Thank you for your patience with us for the past month. We've been keeping our heads down and working hard on the next steps of Relic Hunters Legend, but we haven't dedicated enough time to interact with you on Discord or on these development updates.

Open Development Week #86: What's Next for Alpha

Relic Hunters Legend - July 11, 2019

We hope you've been enjoying the Alpha of Relic Hunters Legend! We feel like the game is finally starting to take shape for the Early Access release next year, but there is still much to do.

Our Alpha Phase is here!

Relic Hunters Legend - June 22, 2019

After a couple of months of a LOT of hard work, we launched today the Alpha Phase of Relic Hunters Legend with tons of new content, bug fixes, improved systems and many things for you to discover on our galaxy!

Open Development Week #82: Announcing the Alpha Release Date!

Relic Hunters Legend - June 11, 2019

Long time no see, uh? Sorry for the silence during the last couple of months.

Open Development Week #70: Back from GDC, announcing "Help Others"

Relic Hunters Legend - April 5, 2019

We are finally back to our normal routine after quite a bit of travelling around and showing the game!

Open Development Week #67: New Trailer and Bug Fixes!

Relic Hunters Legend - March 12, 2019

How's it going? We've been A-OK here at Rogue, and we just had a nice couple of weeks of fixing bugs. We still have two more weeks to go before we are back to doing new stuff, so hang in there - it's gonna be worth it!

Open Development Week #66: Shiny graphics!

Relic Hunters Legend - February 27, 2019

How have you been?

Open Development Week #60: New Alpha and Beta plans!

Relic Hunters Legend - January 16, 2019

How's it going? Hope you're having a stellar 2019 so far!

Everything We Did In 2018 and What's coming for the next year!

Relic Hunters Legend - December 20, 2018

We are on the home straight of 2018 and this year was incredible for us. How was it for you?

Open Development Week #57: Final Update of the Year!

Relic Hunters Legend - December 19, 2018

I hope you've been excellent to each other!

Open Development Week #53: Inventory Screen, Vault space, new art

Relic Hunters Legend - November 23, 2018

How have you been? On the month of November we at Rogue Snail have been hard at work on the Item System. It has been a lot of work (like, a LOT), but it's so rewarding! For many of us here, working on a loot-based game was a childhood dream - and it is finally coming true! We are SO close!

Open Development Week #51: Let's Talk About Items!

Relic Hunters Legend - November 9, 2018

This is our first time using the steam announcements to upload our updates! We have a blog on our Kickstarter page where we post updates of Relic Hunters Legend, but we notice that probaly part of our audience here on Steam don't know about them. So we're about to start to publishing them here too!

Showing results 1 to 15 of 15

Relic Hunters Legend

Fast. Fluid. Fun. Free. An online cooperative Shooter/Looter/RPG. Gather up to 4 friends, gear up, and save the Galaxy from a terrible villain who has stolen the past!


Developer: Rogue Snail

Publisher: Rogue Snail

Type: game


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