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Beast Pets

Game created by Beast, Inc. and released February 20, 2019 .

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Detailed Description

Where to Play

Don't have virtual reality at home? There are other ways to play Beast Pets!

Play Beast Pets in arcades:

Beast Pets is available at over 200 VR arcades around the world. Go to the Beast Pets website and look under "Play" to see if there's a Beast-friendly arcade near you.

Bring Beast Pets to your arcade or location-based VR center:

Beast Pets is optimized for the arcade experience and players will typically spend between 10-30 minutes petting flying dragon pups :)

Commercial licensing is available through:
  • Springboard VR
  • PrivateLabel VR
  • Synthesis VR
  • Viveport Arcade

Go to the Beast Pets website and look under "Commercial Licensing" for more info.

About the Game

Help wanted!

We at Beast, Inc. have our hands full raising a litter of cute baby dragon pups and need your help to keep them active and entertained.

Featuring 5 cheeky small dragons who:
  • Love cuddles
  • Are prone to destruction (but there’s no cleanup in VR!)
  • Will fight over snacks
  • Need socialization and exercise

With 4 areas to explore:
  • Beast Park: A sunny park where the dragons can zoom about.
  • Winter Park: A glowing ice cave where dragons can unleash destructive energy.
  • Dragon Den: A cozy tree hollow where tired dragons can get some zzz’s.
  • Peaceful Park: A smaller park with a relaxing atmosphere.

And 5 different play modes:
  • Treasure Hunt: Find treasure chests, each containing a magic gem or item with a unique power.
  • Mystery: Discover a different assortment of toys and activities each time.
  • Free Play: Toys and treats are scattered about so you can get to playing with dragons ASAP!
  • Foraging: Feeding time! The dragons are hungry and need your help collecting food.
  • Petting: For when all you want to do is play with dragons with minimal distractions.

Dragons get bored easily, so we have to keep adding new stuff to keep them entertained. New activities and discoverables are coming soon to the existing regions, so keep an eye out!

Got awesome ideas or feedback to share with us? Join our Discord: or tweet us @beastpets. We look forward to hearing from you!


“Beast may be the life bringing app for VR that shows jaded techies how much humanity and empathy can be felt when transported to a virtual world.”
- Bobby Venom, Cats and VR

“Beast has potential to become one of those crossover hits that brings non-hardcore gamers into the space.”
- Aaron Stanton, Executive Producer of QuiVR

“Beast is different from other VR experiences because the dragons are like pets. You don't get that kind of interaction in other games, and I enjoy feeding the dragons a lot.”
- VR Kid, YouTuber
Beast Pets

Beast Pets are clever and cheeky magical creatures that live in a VR sandbox world. We’re currently raising a litter of cute baby dragon pups that love to play, hang out and be fed. We're always adding more stuff to do so the dragons don't get bored. Check back often!


Developer: Beast, Inc.

Publisher: Beast, Inc.

Type: game

Released: February 20, 2019


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Metacritic: 0

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