while True: learn()

Game created by Luden.io and released January 17, 2019 . 3 DLCs have been released, the last on March 13, 2019.

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Check out iOS version teaser!

while True: learn() - March 14, 2019

Hey folks! You know what they say: an apple a day keeps the doctors away?

Good Luck, tomcsojn!

while True: learn() - March 13, 2019

UPDATE: tomcsojn actually got hired for a student job! A path of thousand miles starts with but one step, so CONGRATULATIONS!

Come Chill With Us At PAX East!

while True: learn() - March 7, 2019

As if GDC wasn't enough! Long story short: we'll also be attending PAX East on March 28-31, as part of IndieMEGABOOTH's lineup

Just Here To Say 'Hi'!

while True: learn() - March 5, 2019

Well, not just for that, sorry for not being completely honest :)

GDC 2019, IndieMEGABOOTH, Here We Come!

while True: learn() - February 26, 2019

Ok, so the headline pretty much explains it all. However, if you're not following our glorious industry's party calendar, here's the deal:

ML. In Simple Words.

while True: learn() - February 13, 2019

Please find a promocode for this Dog + Cat skin below.

New Update, Next Steps

while True: learn() - January 29, 2019

Hey! It's us. How have you been?

Officially Released!

while True: learn() - January 17, 2019

Three... Two... One... Liftoff! We're officially out of Early Access! This is while True: learn() to Ground Control! One small step for video games, one giant leap for meaningful games! https://store.steampowered.com/app/619150/while_True_learn/

Release Is Coming

while True: learn() - January 15, 2019

The countdown has begun. You have less than 24 hours to grab your copy of while True: learn() for its Early Access price. Tell your friends. Check your piggy banks. You've been notified.

Update 0.4.57

while True: learn() - December 27, 2018

Catty Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

while True: learn() - December 25, 2018

Wow, what a year! We've been through a lot and we'd like to thank everyone who's been following our progress, even for a little while!

Update 0.4.55

while True: learn() - December 14, 2018

This week was sure full of events for us! It's been almost a year since we've released our first playable version to the world and now we're closer than ever to going out of Early Access! Which will officially happen on January 17, if you've missed our announcement from before.

Holiday Contest: Design Your Own Cat

while True: learn() - December 12, 2018

Do you like dressing up cats in fancy (or goofy) costumes?

Weekplan 55!

while True: learn() - December 10, 2018

Monday! The end is near!.. The end of this glorious year, that is. What’s also near, is the end of the Early Access period of our game’s development. We don’t want exhaust you with too many details, so here’s the shortest version of this week’s plan:

Update 0.4.54

while True: learn() - December 7, 2018

Phew! Whoosh! Hoowee! Other funny sounds! This week has been something for us all. You might not be noticing it yet, but we've really started pushing it towards the release. Next week, we'll probably announce the official date, but for now...

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while True: learn()

You’re a machine learning specialist who makes neural networks but your cat seems to be better at it. Now you must solve puzzles to build a cat-to-human translation system (who knows what else this cat is capable of!). Earn a fortune, buy kickass cat outfits and learn how machine learning really works!


Developer: Luden.io

Publisher: Nival

Type: game

Released: January 17, 2019


Score: 0

Recommendations: 1019

Metacritic: 0

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