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Detailed Description

Mad Machines is a team-based ball game with 3 different character classes, each with unique skills and abilities. Among these abilities you will find several combat abilities. Yes, that’s right, this sport has no limits. You are allowed to hit your enemies and combo them to elimination. Being good in combat rewards you in many ways; a.o. you can regenerate health and energy.

Mad Machines' ballgame is created by a sport fanatic, tennis being the main, both on and off court. You are not in doubt when you start swinging at the heavy metal ball. It's difficult, it requires skills to get it just right.

We have added a magnetic grab, which keeps the ball steady in front you, making your swings hit the ball easier. But we guarantee you, it doesn’t add any skill-cap, the impact point decides the ball's direction.

Mad Machines is a very competitive sport and facilities around this sport such as tournaments, ranked ladder and seasons are in the making.

Intuitive Movement & Precision
The ball’s trajectory is based on your movement and your swing, to allow for some clean and creative shots. Use Fixed or Free movement types to travel around the arena with your Machine, using dashes for bursts of speed - see which type you prefer!

The Spikeball
A big metal ball wasn’t quite dangerous enough, so we packed it with gunpowder and spikes. Hit it hard enough and the spikes will come out, causing a lot of damage to an unprepared Machine!

Keep your enemies close, but keep the Spikeball closer by using your Machine’s magnet to carry it. Dribble, jump, pass, shoot - there are a ton of options at your disposal!

Use all the features of your Machine. Your Energy gauge recharges over time, and is used for many different aspects of play.

Community Driven
Mad Machines is an evolving sport, spurred onward by the feedback we receive directly from our community. If you would like to shape the future of Mad Machines, join our Discord server and talk with us! The balls are in your court now.

Join our Discord server: madmachines

Dedicated servers & a custom-made multiplayer engine
Mad Machines is 100% server-side. The fast-paced gameplay, includes many interactions using several real-time mechanics, and to keep precision at a maximum, as well as giving players a true and fair experience as required in any competitive sport, the backend has been through a long development phase. Result is a high level multiplayer layer.

Currently Mad Machines have dedicated servers in 6 regions.
Europe, US East, US West, South America, Japan and Singapore.


“Combining hockey and combat, Mad Machines provides a new way to play that is better than Lucioball and Rocket League combined”

“Mad Machines is the heavy metal Rocket League”

““My favorite aspects include the destructive melee combat and goalie system. Each goal is shielded by a layer of glass that requires you to launch the ball through it in order to score.”
COG Connected

A realistic physics-based bat hitting ball game, based on baseball, tennis, hockey and lacrosse added some real-time destructive combo combat. Batmen playing Batball. Win by points. Everything counts. Goals and kills.1v1 to 3v3 online multiplayer sci-fi arena sport.


Developer: Hero Blocks ApS

Publisher: Hero Blocks ApS

Type: game

Released: 1 week from now


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