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Detailed Description

Papetura is a handcrafted puzzle adventure game made entirely out of paper.

It tells a story about a lonely paper creature Pape, trapped in a flowery prison.
One day he manages to escape, and along the way, he finds little Tura, a magical being that he’ll take care of.
Together they will face dark and flaming monsters who will try to burn down their paper world…

  • Unique Point & Click / Adventure experience
  • Everything is made out of paper - tiny bugs, strange creatures, mysterious places and puzzles.
  • Atmospheric and beautiful music by Floex - Tomas Dvorak
  • Puzzles that are a part of the world
  • Story told by animation and pictures, without any dialogues.

After many years of gluing and cutting, Papetura is coming out in 2019. It is inspired by classic adventure games such as Neverhood and Machinarium, many stop-motion movies and paper sculptures. The game is being handcrafted by one person, Tomasz Ostafin (Petums), Music by composer Tomas Dvorak (Floex), and Sfx by sound designer Juraj Mravec.


“Neverhood meets Machinarium”
Nivel Oculto

“One of the prettiest handcrafted games I’ve played”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“Papetura offers a delightful world of animated paper”
Kill Screen

Papetura is an atmospheric point & click, adventure game, handcrafted entirely out of paper. Little creatures Pape and Tura will face firery monsters that will try to burn down their beloved paper world.


Developer: Petums

Publisher: Petums

Type: game


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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