Game created by Linden Lab and released December 5, 2018 .

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Detailed Description

Feature List

  • Discover thousands of immersive and custom experiences - find the one that scratches your itch: movies, TV, music, comedy, anime, and so much more!
  • Express yourself with custom avatars. Be the pirate, astronaut, or flying purple people eater of your wildest dreams
  • Experience the industry-leading live events platform
  • Explore VR with robust head and hand tracking that allows your avatars to move and talk just like you do
  • Connect with the communities you love
  • Join friends at virtual meetups, game nights, dance parties and much much more!
  • Create your own amazing hangouts, lounges, or engaging experiences
  • Host events for your fans and followers - AMAs, meet-and-greets, watch parties, your imagination's the limit
  • Shop for virtual merch! Thousands of creator-made items in the Sansar Store

About the Game

Sansar is a free, massive, open universe where players and creators unite to build, share, and explore fantastical custom worlds full of beauty, self-expression, entertainment, and unfettered creativity. Customize your wildest avatars, play games with friends, and attend amazing live events. Famous comedians, Star Trek and Star Wars creators, The Smithsonian, top esports teams, and renowned DJs all call Sansar home. Join us, innovative communities, and hundreds of creators as we push the boundaries of Social VR, live events, and awe-inspiring experiences.

Sansar is constantly evolving and being updated with new features, better performance, and a growing player base. Keep coming back as the universe of Sansar continues to expand.

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Keep in Mind


Welcome to Sansar! A rich universe of custom worlds. Join us as we pioneer social VR, live events and exploration. The Sansar universe is ever expanding and constantly pushing the boundaries of immersive and memorable experiences.


Developer: Linden Lab

Publisher: Linden Lab

Type: game

Released: December 5, 2018


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Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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