Pirates of Everseas

Game created by Moonmana and released August 12, 2019 .

App changes last updated 2 weeks ago / News last updated 7 hours ago

Detailed Description

Ahoy, Captain! Embark on an epic pirate adventure to become a king of the untamed waters!

Forge a seafaring, swashbuckling empire in Pirates of Everseas! Develop your kingdom, construct ships, explore the open sea and battle enemies for domination in this exciting strategy game!

Manage your resources to design and build a thriving city. Use strategy to expand your kingdom as you plunder for loot. Prepare a strong foundation for your future empire.

Customize your pirate ships with loads of weapons! Build multiple fleets and upgrade them for a domination in battle. Attack the ships of your rivals and plunder their wrecks to fund further growth of your empire.

Plan your strategy and attack rival islands and ships to obtain goods, treasures and weapons. Battle sea monsters and explore shipwrecks for even more booty. But beware - other players are ready to attack you at any moment and take your loot.

For strength in numbers, join or lead other players. Build your domination over the oceans through battles and strategy!

Forge powerful alliances, embark on your ships and plunder for loot. Raise your kingdom's black flag and assure your domination over the seas!

Game features:
- Addictive MMO gameplay
- Battle with millions of other players and steal their loot for your kingdom
- Protect your empire with powerful weapons
- Rise through the levels and become the King of the Pirates
Pirates of Everseas

Build a pirate empire & explore the open seas in this exciting strategy game!


Developer: Moonmana

Publisher: Moonmana

Type: game

Released: August 12, 2019


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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