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Team Fortress 2: Meet the Spy

Movie created by Valve and released May 18, 2009 .

App changes last updated 2 years ago

Detailed Description

Primary: Revolver
Secondary: Electro sapper
Melee: Knife

Contraptions: Disguise Kit / Cloaking Watch

He is a puzzle, wrapped in an enigma, shrouded in riddles, lovingly sprinkled with intrigue, express mailed to Mystery, Alaska, and LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU! but it is too late. You're dead. For he is the Spy — globetrotting rogue, lady killer (metaphorically) and mankiller (for real).

Team Fortress 2: Meet the Spy


Developer: Valve

Publisher: Valve

Type: movie

Released: May 18, 2009


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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