Wolf Simulator

Game created by Second Reality and released November 16, 2016 .

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Detailed Description

Just Updated

Wolf Simulator v1.1
What's new:

  • - Completely redesigned night vision;
  • - Added an indicator showing how much you explore the game world;
  • - Redesigned interface;
  • - Fixed a bug with the selection of wool;
  • - Fixed bugs in the selection of the wolf class;
  • - In a resolution of 1920 X 1080 fixed some bugs in the display of HUD and text;
  • - Added the sound of the lakes;
  • - Added more lakes, it is possible to drink a Coke;
  • - HP is now displayed in your pack of wolves;
  • - Has reduced the rate of movement of people, they were almost impossible to catch up;
  • - The opportunity to eat the wolves (the achievement of "cannibalism");
  • - A note telling about the witch in the forest Central;
  • - Simplified the passage of quests (it was difficult to find a bush with berries, etc);
  • - Balanced recovery of stamina and HP;
  • - Added a new menu;
  • - Cold autumn nights were even more severe (by reducing the minimum temperature at night);
  • - Fixed bug pumping speed and strength at high levels;
  • - Now when entering enemy territory shows the distance to the opponents;
  • - Is working on the optimization;
  • - Added a couple of Achievement;
  • - Fixed some syntax errors;

About the Game

Wolf Simulator is a simulator of a wolf with elements of survival. Before you start the game you will need to choose the class of a wolf. At the moment there are two of them : "the Warrior" and "Scout". Class wolf depend on various characteristics such as speed, stamina, attack power, etc. as the game progresses, your wolf will grow, participating in battles between packs over territory, to hunt a variety of wild animals ,increasing their strength. In the battles for territory will earn points lead ,which in turn will be used for base and expanding your own pack ,which will be under your authority .

The game world is completely open and is divided into three main areas : the city, wildlife, reserve, in addition, it consists of territories that can belong to the enemy swarms, or to be free, at the moment more than 30.

The city is filled with real people who live their lives, and often choose to rest in the forest or strolling around the Park . But be careful, poachers often set traps or you can run into a disgruntled woodsman with an axe . The forest is filled with various wild animals, which are mostly unfriendly, so be ready.
The game is fully simulated survival in the wild, you will need to satisfy the hunger, thirst, to warm up cold nights or rainy days .
As the game progresses you will encounter a variety of interesting places for exploration, puzzles, and picturesque places, ruins, abandoned houses, caves, etc.

Game features:

  • Dynamic change the time of day and weather conditions (clear sky, partially cloudy, cloudy and thunderstorms, light rain, heavy rain, snow) .
  • Advanced artificial intelligence of wild animals and people.
  • The elements of horror.
  • A large number of areas that need either to capture or to defend against enemy swarms.
  • Simulated survival in wild environment with all the factors(health, fatigue, thirst, hunger, the influence of ambient temperature on the body ).
  • Big game world to explore.
  • And a lot more.
Wolf Simulator

Wolf Simulator is a simulation game featuring survival elements. First, you will have to select a wolf class. Currently there are two: warriors and scouts. The class you choose will affect different characteristics of your wolf, such as speed, endurance, attack power etc.


Developer: Second Reality

Publisher: Dagestan Technology

Type: game

Released: November 16, 2016


Score: 0

Recommendations: 197

Metacritic: 0

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