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Game created by EfimovMax and released January 25, 2017 . 1 DLCs have been released, the last on September 30, 2016.

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Dungetris - June 24, 2019

Soon starts discount on this product and many other games created by our studio. We will be glad if you purchase our game and appreciate our efforts. Your activity inspires us to new projects. Thank you for your contribution to our work!

Halloween party 20 17!

Dungetris - October 26, 2017

Welcome to Sleeping Hollow! ːsteammockingː

Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again x2 coming soon!

Dungetris - October 4, 2017

Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again x2 coming in 10/10/2017

Building dungeons block by block in Dungetris

Dungetris - January 27, 2017

It took me a while to realise that weird variants on dungeon-crawling are among my favourite things. Show me a dungeon that is also a pinball table, with the hero as a ball, and I’m going to sit up and take notice. Match-3 dungeons are a fine thing (though not as fine as match-3 wrestling, lord help me I can’t stop). I’d probably play a Pogs fantasy RPG.

Update #14

Dungetris - January 25, 2017

- Added new playable hero

Update #13

Dungetris - November 11, 2016

Dungetris has been updated to version 0.93.35

Update #12

Dungetris - November 8, 2016

- Added new sounds!

Update #11

Dungetris - October 31, 2016

- New boss - Loic

Hotfix #1

Dungetris - October 30, 2016

Shaman totem critical error (and also some other bugs) fixed!

Halloween 2k16!

Dungetris - October 28, 2016

Halloween update available!

Changelog. 19th October

Dungetris - October 19, 2016

Update icludes:

Coming soon!

Dungetris - October 18, 2016

New languages-2!

Dungetris - October 17, 2016

Dungetris need your help to support more languages (Italian, Czech, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese and others).

New languages!

Dungetris - October 16, 2016

Dungetris need your help to support more languages (Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian and others).

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Dungetris is a game in a Rogue-like genre with an original system of building a level and the elements of a card game.


Developer: EfimovMax

Publisher: EfimovMax

Type: game

Released: January 25, 2017


Score: 0

Recommendations: 253

Metacritic: 0

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