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Feature Video - Rental Lots

Starbase - July 11, 2019

Once you’ve earned yourself enough credits from jobs or other activities, you might feel like getting yourself a place to call home, your very own Starbase. This video will explain the process of achieving that, whether it be a lot at a megastation or your very own station.

Watch Starbase's developers break their game in an educational way

Starbase - July 11, 2019

Frozenbyte’s next game, Starbase, is a fairly typical space game that’s new ground for the developer, but perhaps old ground if you’ve played Space Engineers. You’ll build a ship, tweaking everything from the hull and the wiring, and then scoot around the star system worrying about it. It’s a fragile, breakable vessel that could turn into a torn-open can of beans at the slightest sneeze from Tom Hanks. Which is obviously a selling point, so the Trine developers have been making trailers about the very specific things you can do to shatter their ships. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Boltcrackers - Episode 2

Starbase - July 10, 2019

In the second Starbase Boltcrackers episode, Dr. Bolt and his trusted assistant Bob investigate various interactions with tractor beams, cargo beams and cargo holds, and perform some crash tests between various spaceships.

Two new Starbase videos showcase deep-space battles and robotic gunfights

Starbase - July 5, 2019

The outer-space MMO Starbase struck us as a cross between EVE Online and Minecraft when it was announced in May. Players can design and build spaceships, then take them into the void to mine, trade, form alliances and factions, and—naturally—shoot at each other, both in large-scale ship-to-ship battles, and in more personal shooter-style combat between robotic avatars.

Feature Video - Spaceship Warfare and Weapons

Starbase - July 4, 2019

This feature video focuses on spaceship battles and the variety of available mounted weapons you can put on your ship.

Feature Video - Gunfights Weapons

Starbase - June 27, 2019

We've got a new Starbase feature video! This one focuses on the various handheld weapons and the gunfighting in Starbase, which has its own special quirks related to zero-gravity movement and the fully destructible environment.

Feature Video - Cargo Transportation

Starbase - June 19, 2019

A new feature video for Starbase is out, and this time the topic revolves around transporting cargo in space.

Starbase comes with its own programming language

Starbase - June 13, 2019

Starbase, the sandbox space MMO, is becoming more tantalising with every new feature trailer. The latest, introducing Starbase's programming language, YOLOL, is a bit intimidating, but all I want to do now is start experimenting. Check out the overview video above to see how it works. 

Feature Video - YOLOL Programming

Starbase - June 12, 2019

A new feature video from Starbase has been released. This week’s video is an introduction to the world of YOLOL.

Starbase Wiki Opened!

Starbase - June 7, 2019

Starbase is a game of vast scope and countless features, so we've opened up a []Wiki[/url] for you to start exploring!

Feature Video - Spaceships

Starbase - June 5, 2019

We have released a new Starbase feature video, and this time the topic is your most crucial companion in space, the spaceship!

Feature Video - Detailed Destruction

Starbase - June 5, 2019

Here at Frozenbyte we've been overwhelmed by the awesome reception to our Starbase announcement and the amount of questions we've received in just one week.

Starbase will let you destroy everything however you want

Starbase - May 30, 2019

It used to be pretty exciting to see a game with a fully destructible environment, but that seems restrained compared to what stellar MMO Starbase promises with its exceedingly detailed destruction system. Watch ships get picked apart in the trailer above. 

Starbase looks like an EVE Online-Minecraft hybrid

Starbase - May 28, 2019

Ambitious, and over-ambitious, MMOs are a PC staple. Every year someone else says they're going to revolutionize the scene, and Starbase is the latest with big promises: build spaceships and stations from the bolts up, form companies and battle other players, and explore a universe where everything created can also be destroyed.

Starbase: A New Sci-Fi MMO Game By Frozenbyte Revealed!

Starbase - May 28, 2019

After five years in the making, we are thrilled to announce Starbase and to reveal first details about the game and the official announcement trailer!

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Starbase is a hybrid voxel/vertex-based space MMO with a fully destructible and infinitely expanding universe, with a focus on building and designing spaceships and stations, exploration, resource gathering, crafting, trading, and combat.


Developer: Frozenbyte

Publisher: Frozenbyte

Type: game


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