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Game created by Frozenbyte .

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Starbase - Progress Notes Week 18 (2020)

Starbase - May 5, 2020

[h2]Progress Notes Week 18[/h2]

Starbase - Progress Notes Week 17 (2020)

Starbase - April 27, 2020

[h2]Progress Notes Week 17[/h2]

Starbase - Bug Reel

Starbase - April 24, 2020

A new Starbase video has just been released!

Boltcrackers - Custom Ship Battle Special

Starbase - April 22, 2020

Ever wondered how well custom ships and modified spacecraft will fare in battle in Starbase? Wonder no longer, we did some tests!

Starbase - Progress Notes Week 16 (2020)

Starbase - April 20, 2020

[h2]Progress Notes Week 16[/h2]

Starbase – Eos 222 Timelapse Video

Starbase - April 14, 2020

We’ve just revealed a new Starbase video!

Starbase - Progress Notes Week 15 (2020)

Starbase - April 14, 2020

[h2]Progress Notes Week 15[/h2]

Starbase - Getting Started Video

Starbase - April 8, 2020

A new Starbase video has just been released! This video showcases what the beginning of the game looks like, starting from earning your first credits to being ready to leave the starting station.

Starbase - Progress Notes Week 14 (2020)

Starbase - April 7, 2020

[h2]Progress Notes Week 14[/h2]

Starbase - Progress Notes Week 13 (2020)

Starbase - March 31, 2020

[h2]Progress Notes Week 13[/h2]

Starbase - Progress Notes Week 12 (2020)

Starbase - March 24, 2020

[h2]Progress Notes Week 12[/h2]

Starbase - Progress Notes Week 11 (2020)

Starbase - March 17, 2020

[h2]Progress Notes Week 11[/h2]

Starbase - Progress Notes Week 10 (2020)

Starbase - March 10, 2020

[h2]Progress Notes Week 10[/h2]

Starbase - Spaceship Designer Feature Video

Starbase - March 6, 2020

A new Starbase feature video has been released! This video focuses on the Spaceship Designer, which enables you to design your spaceship from scratch, take the ship for a test ride and more and all this can be done either alone or with friends. In the video we’ll demonstrate the building process by building a basic ship and by explaining how the Spaceship Designer works while doing so.

Starbase - Progress Notes Week 9 (2020)

Starbase - March 3, 2020

[h2]Progress Notes Week 9[/h2]

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Starbase is a hybrid voxel/vertex-based space MMO with a fully destructible and infinitely expanding universe, with a focus on building and designing spaceships and stations, exploration, resource gathering, crafting, trading, and combat.


Developer: Frozenbyte

Publisher: Frozenbyte

Type: game


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