Score: 1,523,747

Recommendations: 3042 / Metacritic: 76

Furi game

Released: July 5, 2016

Developer: The Game Bakers

Publisher: The Game Bakers

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The jailer is the key, kill him and you’ll be free.

Curator Recommendations

Yahtzee Recommends

Posted August 1, 2016 by Yahtzee Recommends

"Combat gets a wee bit parry-centric and it doesn't last long for hard games connoisseurs, but it's original enough to give it a chance, you stingy fuck."

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PC Gamer

Posted July 18, 2016 by PC Gamer

"A stylish mix of bullet hell and deft swordplay, Furi is only held back by rare bugs and poorly designed difficulty spikes."

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Anime 101

Posted July 8, 2016 by Anime 101

"The jailer is the key, kill him and you’ll be free. Enjoy this colorful hack-n-slash thriller of a game with beautful graphics and an awesome sword too!"


Posted July 8, 2016 by TechRaptor

"Furi is one of the most impressive releases of 2016, raising the bar for several genres just a little bit higher."

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Lot's O Giveaway's

Posted July 5, 2016 by Lot's O Giveaway's

"Although it stumbles in both pacing and longevity, Furi will reel in any player looking for a game that’ll give them a good challenge."

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Cynical Brit Gaming

Posted July 5, 2016 by Cynical Brit Gaming

"If you're in the market for something stylish that is nothing but difficult, multi-phase bosses. This might be for you."

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