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Furi game

Released: July 5, 2016

Developer: The Game Bakers

Publisher: The Game Bakers

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The jailer is the key, kill him and you’ll be free.

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Red Lightning - Low Enemy Health Posted by TheGameBakers () March 3, 2018

Actually, it's not exactly that you are low health.
It's both of the characters have low health.

It's a state that changes the visual and the audio to feedback the stakes.
Imagine it's almost the last phase of a boss. You've been struggling a lot, and it's your last square of life. You're in close combat, and you have low health, the boss as well. If the boss hits next, it ends the fight. If you hit next, you go the the next phase, get your health back and a life square in bonus. There's a lot of tension!

When only one of the character has low health and the other a lot of health, there's less tension, one of them is in control. But when both are in danger, that's when things get exciting.

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after the update my game reset Posted by bagelbaker () February 28, 2018

Originally posted by OneNot:

-Open the game once so you get to the main menu, then close the game
-go to: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\
There is now a new save file folder called "The Game Bakers"
The old one is called "TheGameBakers"

-open the old save file folder "TheGameBakers"
-open the folder inside it called "Furi"
-copy the "" file
-paste it into the new save file location: "The Game Bakers/Furi/"

Done. You now have your old saves back.

Thanks OneNot!
We've reverted back to the previous release to "fix" the bug. The bugged update was live for a few hours only.
If someone happens to play the game with the update, you'll need to move your save game back to "TheGameBakers" folder. That is the proper path for saved data and also the path used for cloud sync.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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HOW TO GET YOUR SAVES BACK AFTER THE LATEST UPDATE Posted by TheGameBakers () February 28, 2018

Sorry about that. We have reverted to the previous version and will update again without the bug and post a patch note.

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does the "bing" sound always mean i can parry now with 100% success rate? Posted by TheGameBakers () February 20, 2018

The warning sound is played 0.5s before any hit event. It's coded like that the whole game. And yes, you can parry with a 100% success rate. But it's difficult because the animations have various startup times, and the interval between two hits can vary. Also, The Edge does feints. But even for The Edge, the sound is played 0.5s before an actual hit.

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last phase the line? (that old man) Posted by TheGameBakers () January 24, 2018

Generally, it's easier if you take them down one after the other.
The safest tactic here is to use charged shots in order to "clean" the area from bullets. But you can also use normal shots to increase the number of hits on the pillars, so that they shoot a heal bullet.
So basically, if you need health, shoot normally and grab a heal bullet, then go back to charge shooting on the pillars.
Easier said than done, I know ;-)

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The final boss is impossible Posted by TheGameBakers () December 25, 2017

One very strong recommendation is that for this boss, you should mostly charge your shot (laser beam instead of projectiles). It deals way more damage, thus, shortens the boss phases.

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Gratefulness :D Posted by TheGameBakers () December 18, 2017

If you have a Switch and can afford the very expensive Pro Controller, we highly recommend it. You can get used playing with the joycons, no problem, but the Pro Controller rocks for a game like Furi.
We are very excited for the game releasing on Switch :-).

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Can I run this? Posted by TheGameBakers () December 18, 2017

No idea, but let us know if you can.
Also, to be honest, you really DON'T NEED to run it at 1080p. The art style of Furi is such that if you run it at 720p you won't notice the difference (it's mostly flat colors, not realistic textures). And playing at 720p will save a lot of FPS.
I guess it'll work fine with good framerate if you decrease the resolution. But maybe it's fine in 1080p as well.

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Any hope for Furi 2? Posted by TheGameBakers () December 18, 2017

Such a cool sum up of Furi :-)

Originally posted by MrCompassionate:
No levelling, no weapon upgrades or loot. Just skill and epic duels.

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Can't find Soundtrack Posted by TheGameBakers () December 7, 2017

You'll find the files in you Steam directory upon purchase: ...Steam\steamapps\common\Furi\Soundtrack

You can easily access that by right clicking Furi in your library in Steam, then Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files.

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Unable to access Furier Speedrun mode, despite entering code and opting into beta Posted by TheGameBakers () November 30, 2017

You should be able to play the Furier Speedrun with the beta build...
We are planning on releasing this on the main branch very soon.

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Please Help!!!! (SPOILERS) Posted by TheGameBakers () November 18, 2017

Awesome! Thanks for the tip, we'll spread the word!

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Please Help!!!! (SPOILERS) Posted by TheGameBakers () November 16, 2017

Can you share more info?
- OS version
- CPU/Graphic card
- Furi version

So far we have in total 3 person who reported this bug (over thousands of players on PC). We can't reproduce it internally and have hard time identifying the cause - which is probably related to the user setup. Any hint of a special device/config/system is useful.

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Beat it in Furier! Suggestion to the developers Posted by TheGameBakers () November 16, 2017

Ha ha, it's true that it's almost the first time that this comment about the dodge is made in really constructive way.

To be honest, I agree. It took two years and a half to design the game, and we designed it with the charged dodge because we thought it would be needed for variety and progression. To be able to make enough patterns in long range and close combat that are different and challenge different skills. Maybe it wasn't that much necessary and too much of a tradeoff (the delay).

However, there's more patterns even in Furi mode that require to charge dodge. First in The Strap and then almost in all boss then.

But it's noted, if we make another game with a dash, it probably won't be charged ;-)

Thanks for playing!

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Please Help!!!! (SPOILERS) Posted by TheGameBakers () October 27, 2017

Does the game crash (goes back to desktop) or is it a black screen with wind noise?

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