Game created by Drixxel Soft and released December 15, 2015 . 2 DLCs have been released, the last on August 2, 2019.

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Gigachess v1.23 Update | Optimizations + Extended Tooltips

Gigachess - July 19, 2019

Major performance improvements, more detailed tooltips and a number of other additions move Gigachess to v1.23 :)

Knight's Dungeon "Alphabet" Level Set

Gigachess - July 8, 2019

Just as a fun challenge, here's each letter of the Gigachess logo in playable Knight's Dungeon form. There are 11 new Workshop stages in total here, check them out! :D

Gigachess v1.22 Update | Party Performance Tracking

Gigachess - December 20, 2018

Tracking of personal best scores per party, expanded gamepad controls and assorted fixes move Gigachess forward to v1.22 :)

Happy Halloween! :D

Gigachess - October 29, 2018

To everyone celebrating the season in spooky fashion, Happy Halloween! :)

Gigachess v1.21 Update | Additional audio control, Puzzle Attack reward text

Gigachess - September 27, 2018

Audio mute toggles, a handful of bug fixes and more step Gigachess ahead to v1.21 :)

Gigachess v1.20 Update | New Puzzle Attack Rank, Other Polish

Gigachess - July 27, 2018

'Albatross' rank in Puzzle Attack mode, a way to view a moved hero piece's previous position in a turn and more advance Gigachess ahead :)

Gigachess V1.19 Update | Easier Curse Removal, Other Tweaks

Gigachess - June 25, 2018

A small change to the perks received from protecting threatened pieces and other improvements step Gigachess forward :)

Gigachess V1.18 Update | New Help Slides, Other Tweaks

Gigachess - February 16, 2018

Some new additions to the in-game reference material and a handful of miscellaneous improvements move Gigachess ahead :)

Gigachess v1.17 Update | Endless Mode Mutators

Gigachess - December 22, 2017

Two new gameplay mutators for Endless mode are the big additions moving Gigachess ahead to v1.17 :)

Gigachess v1.16 Update | Puzzle Attack time travel!

Gigachess - November 23, 2017

Improved undo/redo controls in Puzzle Attack mode and more move Gigachess ahead to v1.16 :)

Happy Halloween! :D

Gigachess - October 26, 2017

To everyone celebrating the season in spooky fashion, Happy Halloween! :)

Gigachess v1.15 Update | Knight's Dungeon Workshop Support!

Gigachess - August 22, 2017

A Knight's Dungeon level editor and Steam Workshop support to go with it are the big ticket items in Gigachess v1.15 :D

Steam Workshop support is coming! :D

Gigachess - August 4, 2017

So after working on it for a couple weeks now, a Knight's Dungeon level editor is nearly complete and Steam Workshop integration is just about done! :)

Gigachess v1.14.1 Update | Border darkening control

Gigachess - June 22, 2017

Special screen darkening controls and a round of polish + fixes step Gigachess ahead a micro-version! :)

Gigachess v1.14 Update | Knight's Dungeon polish + other tweaks

Gigachess - May 18, 2017

Some nice improvements to Knight's Dungeon and a bunch of little fixes move Gigachess ahead a version! :)

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Gigachess is a hero defense puzzler on a chess board. Command your party of Knights, Rooks & Bishops against the relentless Pawn onslaught!


Developer: Drixxel Soft

Publisher: Drixxel Soft

Type: game

Released: December 15, 2015

Genres: Casual, Indie, Strategy

Score: 16,084

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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