Dota 2 Player Profiles

Series created by Valve and released November 12, 2015 .

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Dota 2 Player Profiles
In the summer of 2015, the world's best Dota 2 teams descended on Seattle to do battle in The International. To be skilled enough to compete at The International takes incredible sacrifice and dedication, as well as the trust and camaraderie of your fellow teammates. This series of interviews offers a glimpse at what it takes to be among the best of the best, providing an in-depth look at the lives of players from around the world.

In 2016, The International continued with new players, new teams and a new champion!
Dota 2 Player Profiles

Meet the players behind the biggest Dota2 tournament, The International. This series of interviews explores the lives of professional Dota 2 players from around the world, giving a glimpse of the sacrifice, dedication, and camaraderie needed to be among the best of the best.


Developer: Valve


Type: series

Released: November 12, 2015


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