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Relic Hunters Zero

Game created by Rogue Snail and released August 18, 2015 . 1 DLCs have been released, the last on May 9, 2019.

App changes last updated 9 months ago / News last updated 3 months ago

Detailed Description

Feature List

  • Seven Playable Characters - With unique stats and skills
  • Multiple Exciting Game Modes - Classic 12-level Adventure Mode with unlockable relics and items, challenging "Endless" Mode with unique mechanics and economy, and "Storm" mode that progressively increases in difficulty and chaos
  • Couch Co-Op - Up to 2 players with keyboard/mouse and controller support
  • Amazing lo-fi soundtrack - By Goto80
  • "Updated Forever & Forever Free" - open development lets anyone contribute to the game’s future & will be microtransaction free

About the Game

A 100% FREE shooter from the creators of Chroma Squad and Knights of Pen & Paper

Long ago, in a distant part of our galaxy, the Asteroid Dungeon Nemesis was the sacred home of the legendary relics of power. The evil Duke Ducan seeked these artifacts to rise his ducks to power and rule the galaxy. But the Spaceheart and its crew of Relic Hunters arrived at the Asteroid, ready to ruin his plans.

Relic Hunters Zero follows your heroes: Jimmy, Pinkky, Ace, Panzer, Biu, Raff, and Red as they explore, looking for relics while trying to get the Ducans off their Asteroid. Run, Gun, and Dodge your way through numerous evil space ducks and turtles. It’s fast, it’s tactical, and it feels deliciously smooth to play. Unlock new weapons, characters and use relics to overcome waves of enemies to ultimately defeat Duke, The Ducan Commander!


“It looks good as heck! Holy guacamole, Batman.”

“Captures everything great about video games in a tiny package of awesome”

“You’ll be grateful that the developers chose to share their labor of love so unconditionally”
Hardcore Gamer
Relic Hunters Zero

Relic Hunters Zero is a completely FREE dual-stick shooter about blasting evil space ducks and turtles with tiny cute guns. It’s fast, it’s tactical, and feels deliciously smooth to play. Unlock new weapons, characters and relics to defeat the Ducan Commander!


Developer: Rogue Snail

Publisher: Akupara Games

Type: game

Released: August 18, 2015

Genres: Action, Free to Play, Indie

Score: 101,507

Recommendations: 107

Metacritic: 0

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