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Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

Game created by Valve and released October 27, 2005 .

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Half-Life 2: Lost Coast Beta Updated

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast - December 9, 2013

The beta for Half-Life lost coast has been updated with new binaries on OSX and Linux. This enables the game to run on those platforms.

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast updated

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast - June 26, 2013

We have updated the public release of Half-Life 2: Lost Coast. This update contains all the changes from the recent beta, thanks to the whole community for their help with testing and suggesting new features.

Valve launches 'Steam Trading Cards' in beta

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast - May 15, 2013

What do you do when your platform already sells and launches video games? Make the platform itself a video game, naturally. Valve announced the beta launch of "Steam Trading Cards" today. The collectible meta-game lets you upgrade your Steam profile by playing games and collecting and trading their associated (virtual) cards.

Half-Life 2 mod Minerva re-released on Steam as Director's Cut

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast - April 30, 2013

It's been about six years since the Minerva mod for Half-Life 2 was released, but after some cajoling from co-workers at Valve, developer Adam Foster has given it a new coat of paint and is releasing it on Steam as a Director's Cut.

The Specialists mod team Kickstarting free 'spiritual successor'

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast - March 12, 2013

You, the grizzled PC gamer in the corner, you remember diving around with akimbo pistols in that Half-Life mod in The Good Old Days, don't you? No, not Action Half-Life. No, you big silly, not The Opera. Gosh, no, not Matrix Half-Life. You know, The Specialists! Some of the folks behind that side-diving, slow-motion shooter are now working on a "spiritual successor" mod, Double Action, and want Kickstarter help to finish it faster. You can give an alpha version a go now, too.

Half-Life 2 VR mod awaits Oculus Rift

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast - February 4, 2013

With the Oculus Rift getting people all hot and bothered about virtual reality once again, one canny modder has prepared for its launch by whipping up a VR mod for Half-Life 2 and its episodes. Able to track the player's head and any plastic weaponry they may be holding, the mod looks jolly impressive in a new video.

Half-Life 2: Episode 4 media details the 'Return to Ravenholm'

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast - January 14, 2013

"Return to Ravenholm," aka "Half-Life 2: Episode 4," was a Half-Life 2 episode set in the spooky abandoned town. It's been canceled for a few years now, but we've gotten a better look at the game that could have been thanks to some new concept art and animation tests. It was in development at Dishonored developer Arkane Studios around 2006, but was ultimately scrapped.

Black Mesa: Uplink remakes Half-Life demo

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast - December 18, 2012

The Black Mesa mod is a remarkable accomplishment, remaking Half-Life in the Source engine, and now a mapper building upon their work has remade another slice of Valve history. Black Mesa: Uplink remakes HL's classic Uplink demo, which curiously for a demo was a new slice based upon levels cut from the game during development. And now that's available in shiny Source-o-vision.

Shack PSA: Black Mesa now live

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast - September 14, 2012

Grab your crowbars and spectacles, everyone. The Source engine fan remake of the original Half-Life is now available. It went live at 8:47 AM Mountain Time, which should sound awfully familiar to fans. The labor of love has taken eight years and has added a few notable tweaks to the classic, with at least one more revision on the way post-launch.

Black Mesa coming September 14

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast - September 3, 2012

You thought the day would never come, and it still hasn't quite yet, but Black Mesa now has a release date. After eight years of development, the fan remake of Half-Life in the Source engine will be released on September 14. Except it won't be quite complete; the team is still working on expanding HL's reviled Xen section and plans to release it later.

Black Mesa gameplay trailer leaked

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast - August 7, 2012

The Half-Life remake mod Black Mesa really is coming, and now a leaked video confirmed as real has surfaced with a peek at its jazzed-up 'On a Rail' chapter. You know, that frightful section with the tedious trains then glorious rocket launch.

Steam for Mac Adds Half-Life 2, EVE Online

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast - May 26, 2010

To commemorate the occasion, Steam has discounted all three Half-Life 2 titles by 30%, making Half-Life 2 $6.99, Episode One $5.59 and Episode Two $5.59.

Half-Life 2 Hits Mac Steam Tomorrow; Teased via Epic Homage Trailer

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast - May 25, 2010

[Original Story] Gordon Freeman's epic adventure through City 17 will hit the Mac version of Steam sometime tomorrow. To tease this, Valve has released an homage trailer to the landmark 1984 Apple Macintosh commercial.

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Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

Originally planned as a section of the Highway 17 chapter of Half-Life 2, Lost Coast is a playable technology showcase that introduces High Dynamic Range lighting to the Source engine.


Developer: Valve

Publisher: Valve

Type: game

Released: October 27, 2005

Genres: Action

Score: 139,687

Recommendations: 5471

Metacritic: 0

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