Heavy Metal Machines

Game created by Hoplon and released September 19, 2018 . 16 DLCs have been released, the last on February 6, 2019.

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Metal League - HMM landing in the world of esports!

Heavy Metal Machines - February 13, 2019

Heavy Metal Machines, named The Best New MOBA of 2018 by MMOHUTS, is bringing a new feature to the game to make the scene more competitive for players. The Metal League's an in-game event that creates a tournament based on the teams' score ranking, with a prize pool of €5.000,00 (five thousand euros) besides items in the game.

Event - The Year of the Pig

Heavy Metal Machines - February 12, 2019

Heavy Metal Machines has one more event going on! This time, to celebrate the Chinese New Year, this will be the year of the pig, we'll distribute themed Sprays to everyone who completes this easy event.

More competitiveness is coming to Heavy Metal Machines!

Heavy Metal Machines - February 11, 2019

Start training and prepare your team, 'cause a new ESPORTS feature is coming to Heavy Metal Machines! 🏆

Metal Pass Season 3 - Sect of Metal

Heavy Metal Machines - February 7, 2019

⛪ Unleash your spirit to the more than 90 rewards from the Sect of Metal, and become a Metal Gladiator who deserves to honor the Metal God's word!

Patch Notes (06/02/2019) - Version 3.00.997

Heavy Metal Machines - February 6, 2019

Hello, Metal Gladiators!

Scheduled Maintenance - Wednesday [06/02/2019] at 5:00 EST [11:00 CET]

Heavy Metal Machines - February 5, 2019

Wednesday [06/02/2019] at 5:00 EST [11:00 CET] we'll be doing a full maintenance on all our services, which means that HMM will be unplayable for the entirety of the maintenance.

Tomorrow starts the 3rd season of the Metal Pass!

Heavy Metal Machines - February 5, 2019

Are you ready for the new Metal Pass' season? Then let yourself be carried away by the dogmas of the Sect of Metal, battle in Metal City arenas and find out the secrets from this organization that controls the post-apocalyptic world!

Photon's Model - Light's Fall

Heavy Metal Machines - February 1, 2019

They use Metal God's word to damn each other in Metal City! This time, not even the brightest being in the arenas could get away from damnation! 😲

Dev Vlog #1 Creating Stargazer

Heavy Metal Machines - January 28, 2019

🤘 Are you curious about how was the creative process of Stargazer in our studio? Then turn on subtitles and watch now our first Dev Vlog and get ready, our devs are really cute! 😍:

In-game store update

Heavy Metal Machines - January 23, 2019

A new update has arrived into the in-game store of Heavy Metal Machines. Basically, items from Season 1 are now available in the game store!

HMM 2019 KICK-OFF Event

Heavy Metal Machines - January 17, 2019

The year began, and along with it, the Heavy Metal Machines events season! In HMM 2019 KICK-OFF, whoever follows the rules and completes 20 matches inside the event’s period will earn an exclusive themed new year’s portrait.

Heavy Metal Machines listed as the best new MOBA of 2018

Heavy Metal Machines - January 14, 2019

The “MMOHuts” listed Heavy Metal Machines as the best New MOBA of 2018! “Heavy Metal Machines offers an insane blend of weapon-based car combat, racing, and football”. Check the full article: https://mmohuts.com/video/best-f2p-games-2018-best-free-play-games-year/

Patch Notes (10/01/2019) - Version 2.06.966

Heavy Metal Machines - January 10, 2019

We made a bug fix in the Stargazer's teleport during the start line. Our community reported that the pilot was going to “wrong places” if activated. Now, this is fixed.

Live Stream with New Character Spoiler!

Heavy Metal Machines - January 7, 2019

Wanna find out in first-hand from our studio the news about the next character in HMM? Then don't miss the LIVE OF SPOILERS that will be broadcast on next Thursday, 10/01 at 19h (CET)!

Patch Notes (02/01/2019) - Version 2.05.956

Heavy Metal Machines - January 2, 2019

What’s up, Metal Gladiators!

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Heavy Metal Machines

Heavy Metal Machines is a fast-paced FREE TO PLAY Car Battle MOBA that combines unique gameplay on a post-apocalyptic world of Heavy Metal. Join a competitive community, be strategic, drive fast and battle for your life through multiple arenas to become a Legendary Metal Gladiator!


Developer: Hoplon

Publisher: Hoplon

Type: game

Released: September 19, 2018


Score: 0

Recommendations: 419

Metacritic: 0

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