Score: 378,376

Genres: Action, Adventure, RPG, Indie, Early Access

Recommendations: 1352 / Metacritic: 0

Salt game

Released: February 6, 2018

Developer: Lavaboots Studios

Publisher: Lavaboots Studios

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Salt is an island exploration game about discovery and loot! Relax and explore at your own pace, picking a direction and setting sail with friends or alone across a vast ocean filled with quests, merchants, ruins, lore, pirates, and other mysterious places.

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Hotfix Update

We recently pushed some bug fixes and changes since release. If you find anymore bugs or issues, please let us know so we can fix those as soon as possible!

Salt - February 19, 2018

Salt sails out of early access

Way back when, we declared the open-world pirate-o-craft-a-sailing sandbox Salt to be one of the best games of 2014 – when it was still in early access. If you’ve been waiting since then for it to be finished and properly out, buddy, I have good news for you. After three-and-a-bit years, Salt today left early access. I trust you’ve been starving your closest shipmates of vitamin C to develop scurvy in preparation for adventures. (more…)

Salt - February 6, 2018

Salt is Officially Released!

Today we have released Salt out of early access! Again we want to thank everyone for your support and feedback throughout the early access process. We will still be supporting the game with bug fixes, balance changes, and other changes.

Salt - February 6, 2018

Salt Leaving Early Access Next Week!

We are very excited to announce that Salt will be leaving early access next week! We also wanted to let you know that the price will be increasing from $14.99 to $19.99 upon full release.

Salt - February 2, 2018

Hotfix Update

We hope you are all enjoying the multiplayer update. Today we are pushing some more changes to fix bugs, add some new content, and polish up the game in general! Here are the patch notes:

Salt - January 15, 2018

The Multiplayer Update is Now Available!

Prepare to sail the seas with your friends and go on a new adventure! Today we are officially releasing the multiplayer update. We want to thank everyone who has helped us test multiplayer and for your feedback and suggestions.

Salt - December 20, 2017

The Multiplayer Update is Now Available For Testing

Get ready to explore the world of Salt with your friends and go on a pirate adventure! We wanted to let you know that you can now help us test out the multiplayer update! We are releasing the update on a special multiplayer branch and we want you to help us test and find last minute bugs before an official release of the update.

Salt - December 5, 2017

Update 1.9.6 - Storms of the Sea is Now Available!

Update 1.9.6 - Storms of the Sea is finally here! This update includes a lot of great new changes such as weather and storms, a new NPC, and a lot more. Let's dive into some of the content you can expect to find in this update.

Salt - October 16, 2017

Update 1.9.6 is Now on Testing Branch!

You can now download Update 1.9.6 on the Steam testing branch. If you aren't opted into the testing branch and would like to help us find any last minute bugs before pushing to the official branch, here are instructions on how to join.

Salt - October 5, 2017

Progress Update on Multiplayer!

Today we wanted to give you an update on what's been going on with multiplayer and what we still have left to do. We are closer than ever to getting the multiplayer update finished and we are so excited. Recently we've been doing some internal testing and it really adds a new feel to the game. There's just something fun about exploring islands and taking on pirates with your friends.

Salt - September 15, 2017

A Look At Update 1.9.6

We've been hard at work at a lot of different areas in Salt recently, particularly multiplayer. However, we do have another content update coming out soon before multiplayer and we wanted to give you an idea of what you can expect from that update!

Salt - August 25, 2017

Update 1.9.5 - Birds of Paradise is Now Available

You can now download Update 1.9.5 - Birds of Paradise! This a huge update we've been working on for a while and are very excited to finally have it out. Just as a reminder we are still working hard on multiplayer and will be updating you on that progress soon!

Salt - June 20, 2017

Update 1.9.5 Now on Testing Branch!

Update 1.9.5 is now available on the testing branch! Please consider opting into the testing branch and helping us find any last minute issues before we push to the official branch. If you're not already on the testing branch and would like to be, follow the instructions below:

Salt - June 8, 2017

A Look at Update 1.9.5

Today we wanted to give you a look at the next patch coming out, Update 1.9.5 - Treasures in the Sea. This is a pretty big update as far as content goes and we're still working hard on getting everything implemented and polished. We are also still working on multiplayer implementation and are making some great progress with that.

Salt - April 13, 2017

Update 1.9.4 - Songs of the Seas

Introducing Update 1.9.4 - Songs of the Seas. This update includes a new NPC, musical instruments, Steam achievements, new quests, items, bug fixes, and more! Let's go over some of the content you can expect in this update.

Salt - March 7, 2017

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