A Year Of Rain

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Introducing Shen the Scarred

A Year Of Rain - May 15, 2019

Last time, we introduced Morrig Fogvale, Ranger from the north, to you. Today we're on fire (pun intended) and show you the next hero from the House Rupah: Shen the Scarred.

Part 2: Morrig Fogvales abilities

A Year Of Rain - May 10, 2019

Okay, okay! We're really into showing the content our community asks for - as long as it is possible in the current production state. So join our Discord Server and tell us what you'd like to see.

Meet Morrig Fogvale, dwarf from the north

A Year Of Rain - May 8, 2019

In A Year Of Rain, your army is accompanied by a hero unit. Our first faction, called House Rupah, includes 4 heroes. One of them, Lord Rupah himself, is only available during the Co-Op Campaign.

Faction Introduction: House Rupah

A Year Of Rain - April 29, 2019

A Year Of Rain will feature three factions. Each with individual heroes, units, buildings and its very own unique story. The first and most human-like faction is called House Rupah.

A Year of Rain is a co-op RTS with a competitive streak

A Year Of Rain - March 15, 2019

First-time RTS developer Daedelic Entertainment, best known for its point-and-click adventure games, has set itself a bit of a challenge with A Year of Rain. It's a co-op RTS where players control hero-led armies across a campaign and skirmishes, and it's already gunning for a slice of the esports pie. 

A Year Of Rain revealed!

A Year Of Rain - March 14, 2019

One once said, real-time strategy is dead. We strongly disagree. We feel more alive than ever since we finally reveal our game today!

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A Year Of Rain

A desolate realm, kept in flux by the steady rhythm of battle. A proving ground for those with great ambition. A Year Of Rain is the upcoming ultimate team real-time strategy game. Choose your faction, team up and take control of a legendary hero with unique powers and individual talents!


Developer: Daedalic Entertainment

Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment

Type: game


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