Score: 686,232

Genres: Action, Free to Play, Adventure, Indie, Casual, Early Access

Recommendations: 306757 / Metacritic: 0

Unturned game

Released: July 7, 2017

Publisher: Smartly Dressed Games

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You're a survivor in the zombie infested ruins of society, and must work with your friends and forge alliances to remain among the living.

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Unturned - April 5, 2018 Update Notes


Unturned - March 23, 2018 Update Notes


Unturned - March 9, 2018 Update Notes

Cyprus is now available in-game!

Unturned - February 16, 2018 Update Notes


Unturned - January 19, 2018 Update Notes

You can now use your Crafting Materials introduced from the previous update to make Stat Counter tools! These can be attached to any weapon skin in your inventory to begin tracking your prowess with that item, for example how many players you've killed with it. You can then show off your insanely high killcounts to friends (or envious enemies) both while holding your skin, or in any trophy case type storage.

Unturned - January 12, 2018 Update Notes


Unturned - January 5, 2018 Patch Notes


Unturned - December 30, 2017 Update Notes

It's a holiday miracle: a brand new large survival map set in Greece from the team that brought you Hawaii!

Unturned - December 24, 2017 Update Notes

Winter is coming to Germany! Festive Germany is now available featuring the Coalition's decorations prior to their downfall and blizzards to spice things up. You can also dress up for the holiday season with several curated cosmetics now available on the Stockpile, and the Holiday Gift Present now dropping with a special new skin.

Unturned - December 15, 2017 Update Notes

Danaby, the creator of several popular arena maps on the workshop, has just released his latest creation: Bunker Arena! It's now available in the official pool of arena maps so hop on a server and battle to the death! If you'd like to support Danaby in his creation of future maps you can check out the Bunker Arena Bundle on the Stockpile - get it quick, those items are available for a limited time only.

Unturned - December 8, 2017 Update Notes

You can now find blimps anchored at Kent Raceway in Washington ready to spectate the race!

Unturned - December 1, 2017 Update Notes


Unturned - November 24, 2017 Update Notes

The long, long requested trunk storage space has finally arrived! You can access it underneath the usual vehicle menu controls like door locks and passenger seating. I did my best to add it to every vehicle, but there are quite a few so some tweaking might be required.

Unturned - November 17, 2017 Update Notes


Unturned - November 10, 2017

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