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Trove instant crash
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) November 6, 2018
Originally posted by PHR05T:
Originally posted by EvilThorn:
i got it fixed.
go to msconfig, go to system configuration, go to the services tab and click hide all microsoft services, click disable all, click ok, then restart your pc.
What does microsoft services have to do with starting up trove? Can you explain where the conflict arises?

Hiding the Miscrosoft Services in MSCONFIG just means that those processes won't be disabled when you select "Disable All."

What most likely happened in that case was there was another application running at Windows startup that was causing either a direct conflict with Trove or was using system resources Trove was accessing when launching.

That may not work for everyone, so please let us know if you're still having these issues after trying these steps.[]
Contact Trove Support staff directly? PLEASE HELP
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) September 14, 2018
Submit a ticket here.[]
erro handler
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) August 7, 2018
Please attach your DXDIAG report[] to a ticket with our support team[] so they can investigate.
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) August 7, 2018
Locking this thread from 2015 up. Please post a new discussion if you're having trouble.
I don't understand.
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) July 31, 2018
Also, please let us know what exactly is happening when you try to play. It's hard to offer solutions when all we know it something isn't working. The more detailed you can be the better.
Exporting my Account to PTS
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) July 31, 2018
Originally posted by SYOX:
Ive tried it on EU and NA servers both dont work for me, i also disabled all MODS.

send help
What did you do, specifically, to export your account? When you're on live servers just type /exportaccount and press Enter. Then, give it up to a couple hours to find your characters on PTS.

It works in the same way for everyone, so there's no reason why it wouldn't work for you. It may have just been busy and took longer than normal. Let us know if you're still having issues.
I can't click accept on end user agreement
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) July 25, 2018
Originally posted by Tronald Dump:
plz help i just want to play trove... :(

What version of Mac OS are you using? Can you post a screenshot of what you're seeing?
How do I get the dragon hoard pack?
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) July 17, 2018
That pack isn't in game very often. We tend to bring it back pretty rarely for special occasions. You won't be able to make it appear, just keep an eye out and you may find it later in the year.
how long is trove down for or how long has it already been down for
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) July 17, 2018
Our downtime notices post when we come offline and an estimate for when we'll be online. If you're not in one of the listed time zones you can Google it to see how that relates to your local region.
Error on Player Loading
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) July 13, 2018
How long have you been having this issue? Have you already submitted a ticket to our support team? If so, let me know the ticket number and I'll check the status. If not, please do so.[] Be sure to include what account has the issue and if you were in a specific club world the last time you could log in.
my house disappeared !!
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) July 13, 2018
You can select from several different Cornerstones in the Cornerstone menu so be sure it's set to the one you want to use. Also, was your Cornerstone built using a huge number of blocks with visual effects or at max height and width? If so, there is a bug that can cause them to disappear in some circumstances.

You may want to check with our support team[] to see if they can assist in that case.
Blank hot bar. Need help.
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) July 13, 2018
Disable add ons. They generally have not been updated for Geode and this is the most common cause of that issue.
Unable to aquire packs
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) July 13, 2018
If you purchased the pack in game it just unlocks all the content for you. You won't need to do anything else. Open your Collections menu (the Y key) and search for the items in the pack. If you own it they'll be unlocked.
all of my hot bar icons are not there?
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) July 9, 2018
Did you install the game from Glyph directly and also from Steam? Sometimes if a player has two different installation paths for the game they can remove items from the wrong version.

There's nothing blocking the UI from showing up other than mods, so it may take a bit more digging to get to the bottom of this.

Feel free to submit a ticket[] and work with our support team one on one.
Rewards for Gazillion players, unable to pick a reward.
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) July 9, 2018
Hey there,

Submit a ticket[] to our support team so they can investigate for you, please.

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Discover a new world filled with danger and adventure in Trove – Geode. Use special abilities to explore mysterious caverns, make friends with new races and new creatures, or just have a blast as you fight to be the last Trovian standing in the explosive new Bomber Royale mode.


Developer: Trion Worlds

Publisher: Trion Worlds

Type: game

Released: July 9, 2015

Genres: Action, Free to Play, Adventure, RPG, Massively Multiplayer, Casual

Score: 376,628

Recommendations: 1211

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