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How does one loot collect shadow key gems?
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) February 12, 2019
You should be able to right-click them with your Personal Chest open to move them into the chest. Once that is done, drag them back to your Adventure Inventory (personal bag) and you should be able to loot collect them.
Error 6005 123
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) February 12, 2019
Where is this error popping up, specifically? In general, errors of around 5,000 or 6,000 tend to be Windows errors. Basically, something in the system is preventing the application from running. Make sure you have any available Windows Updates, check your antivirus settings to allow Trove, Glyph, and Steam again (even if you've done it before).
Glyph won't let me register!
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) January 29, 2019
Can you share the link you were using to create an account? It's possible there's a bad link out there somewhere.

Try creating your account at this link[] and let us know what happens.
Error 2025 in trove :(
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) January 29, 2019
Check out our pinned discussion on this topic here.
why does glyph keep updating?
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) January 19, 2019
Originally posted by Achoo:
mine issue is more of a forced close launcher, cant even access to the launcher

Originally posted by Moyoumed la cigale:
Now when i launch the game from steam , the launcher is closed instantly

Can you both send us your Glyph Logs? You can probably find them here for Steam:
Hard Drive\Games\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Trove\Logs

Try sending them attached to a message to @BulldogFasti on Twitter, please. If you don't have Twitter, just email them to [email protected] and post your ticket number in this thread so we can track them down.
why does glyph keep updating?
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) January 19, 2019
Hey folks, we're looking into this issue. If you're still unable to play Trove via Steam, please be sure to update this discussion. If you're comfortable with it, please also provide your character's name.

If you can play via Steam, let us know that as well. I was able to launch it normally, so we want to try to find out as much info as we can to get it fixed ASAP.

Please bear with us.
How to untie glyph account?
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) January 9, 2019
Probably best to contact us from the old one since you want to break the link to Steam there first (if at all possible). Submit a ticket here.[]
server down ?
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) December 25, 2018
Hey there! Try restarting the game and logging in now. We should be good to go now.
Anybody more is stuck on AS: Login?
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) December 21, 2018
Try logging in now. You may want to try restarting Steam first, just to establish a fresh connection. The network issues should be resolved now.
Anybody more is stuck on AS: Login?
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) December 21, 2018
Hey there. We're aware of some network issues impacting the EU servers again. We're hoping to have this resolved soon.
Originally posted by gellekaste:
Trove or trion won't fix bugs

Hey there. Bug fixes are a part of just about every update. If there are specific bugs you're thinking of be sure to post about them to our Bug Report forums.[] That's the best way to make sure the team is aware of a bug that needs fixing.
Can't connect
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) December 18, 2018
We're working to get this resolved now. We'll post updates at this link during the investigation.
Trove instant crash
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) November 6, 2018
Originally posted by PHR05T:
Originally posted by EvilThorn:
i got it fixed.
go to msconfig, go to system configuration, go to the services tab and click hide all microsoft services, click disable all, click ok, then restart your pc.
What does microsoft services have to do with starting up trove? Can you explain where the conflict arises?

Hiding the Miscrosoft Services in MSCONFIG just means that those processes won't be disabled when you select "Disable All."

What most likely happened in that case was there was another application running at Windows startup that was causing either a direct conflict with Trove or was using system resources Trove was accessing when launching.

That may not work for everyone, so please let us know if you're still having these issues after trying these steps.[]
Contact Trove Support staff directly? PLEASE HELP
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) September 14, 2018
Submit a ticket here.[]
erro handler
Posted by TrionFasti (Community Manager) August 7, 2018
Please attach your DXDIAG report[] to a ticket with our support team[] so they can investigate.

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Grab your friends, hone your blades, and set off for adventure in Trove, the ultimate action MMO!


Developer: Trion Worlds

Publisher: Trion Worlds

Type: game

Released: July 9, 2015

Genres: Action, Free to Play, Adventure, RPG, Massively Multiplayer, Casual

Score: 376,628

Recommendations: 1196

Metacritic: 0

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