Putt-Putt® Joins the Circus

Game created by Humongous Entertainment and released May 29, 2014 .

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Detailed Description

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About the Game

Step Right Up!

Discover the Circus with Putt-Putt®!

B.J. Sweeney needs you and Putt-Putt® to help his five main acts get ready for the show. They will encounter challenges and have fun at the same time.

Junior Adventures challenge and inspires kids to observe details and solve problems in creative and flexible ways. Kids play with faithful lovable friends as they discover and explore captivating worlds where they direct the journey at their own pace.

Product Features

  • Problem Solving, Uh-oh! What goes into a power shake? Ivan the Semi-Strong Van can barely lift his antenna until his recipe card is pieced together.
  • Kindness, Splash! Putt-Putt® gladly patches Francine the high-diving hippo's swimming pool.
  • Teamwork, Phew! Thanks Putt-Putt®. With the larger umbrella Eunice can safely cross the high wire.
  • Friendship, Tra La! Sing under the big big top with your new circus friends!

This product uses ScummVM across Windows, Mac and Linux which is released under the GNU GPL v2.
For more information, please visit - https://www.scummvm.org
The GNU GPL can be viewed here - https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html


“This Putt-Putt® title is as entertaining, rewarding, and graphically rich as its recent predecessors.”
89 – Review Corner

“The game features an interesting mix of cartoon characters and like previous adventures in the series, players are allowed to move at their own pace when they encounter entertaining puzzles and mini arcade-style games.”
80 – All Game Guide
Putt-Putt® Joins the Circus

Mr. B.J. Sweeney needs you and Putt-Putt® to help his five main acts get ready for the show.


Developer: Humongous Entertainment

Publisher: Humongous Entertainment,Nightdive Studios

Type: game

Released: May 29, 2014


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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