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Progress continues!

Gnomancer - February 1, 2020

As always, Early Access is a time to experiment, and see what works, and get feedback. The patches over the last week have started to move to a new method of doing tile transitions - this looks great, but means we need to do a pass over all of the existing levels. Whilst this does feel like we're treading water a bit, it does also mean that the game's looking better and better.

New graphics and bug fixes

Gnomancer - December 15, 2019

We've done a pass over a lot of the visual style of the game. This has lead to a bunch of levels having tile transitions that need reword, but look loads better!

Polish and Speed and Balance - oh my

Gnomancer - November 27, 2019

Added data-driven player colours

Spit and polish

Gnomancer - November 25, 2019

Food weighs a lot less, so players shouldn't get trapped by it

New levels, performance boosts and map polish.

Gnomancer - November 23, 2019

After much discussion, I've decided to focus on Pets before Loot. Pets will be stat-boosting and upgradable. How they unlock, how they work has still to be decided, but a hard evening's work and it's already looking kinda neat.

Polish takes such a long time.

Gnomancer - November 21, 2019

Added the ability for Health Bars to be offset by mob type. Any health bars that aren't in the right place - let me know!

Week 2, Patch 1

Gnomancer - November 20, 2019

Fixed some errors when Gnomes shoot at debris

Week 1!

Gnomancer - November 18, 2019

After a week in Early Access, things are going well. We've been watching live streams and Let's Plays and inviting people to play, and focusing our initial development time on addressing those. Whilst (as you'll see below) we've addressed and improved loads of things, the to-do list is just getting bigger -

Another day another patch!

Gnomancer - November 16, 2019

I'll be summing up each week's patch notes in a larger post, so if you aren't interested in the daily updates, just wait for the big one!

Another day

Gnomancer - November 15, 2019

I plan to keep at a twice-daily patch schedule until the feedback calms down and things are mostly stable. At that point I'm likely to move to 2-3 times per week, as I start to implement the larger missing systems.


Gnomancer - November 13, 2019

Streaming the game? Let me know!


Gnomancer - November 13, 2019

Locked away the skin menu. It's not done! Stop looking at it!

Achievement patch

Gnomancer - November 12, 2019

Fixed some issues with stat tracking and achievements. This may mean your achievements reset, but re-running the game should force them to unlock again.

Gnomancer enters Early Access

Gnomancer - November 12, 2019

After 7 months of hard work, I'm very proud to announce that Gnomancer is finally available to buy. The 3 of us here at ProjectorGames are super-happy with how the game's gone, and we'll be working hard to add in more features and levels and polish and bug-fixing over the next few months.

Early Access launch date - 12th of November!

Gnomancer - November 8, 2019

The title says everything. I also just did a patch with the following changes:

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DjArcas' Twin Stick Shooter for up to 4 players - Pikmin meets Gauntlet. Advance your character, get epic loot, raise a gnome army!


Developer: ProjectorGames

Publisher: ProjectorGames

Type: game

Released: November 12, 2019


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