Tech Executive Tycoon

Game created by WEB Gaming Entertainment,Dream Vision Games and released December 21, 2018 .

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Hotfix - version 1.6a Available

Tech Executive Tycoon - April 6, 2019

Improvements and bug fixes

Website Early Access Schedule Update

Tech Executive Tycoon - March 23, 2019

It has been an interesting journey through our release to Early Access up to this point, and one not without a few bumps in the road. However, we have steadied the ship a bit and are moving forward and making significant progress toward the end goal of having a complete gameplay experience. Thanks to everyone who has joined us on this journey.

Update 1.6 Released

Tech Executive Tycoon - March 11, 2019

Tutorial #4 part 1 added

Update 1.5d released

Tech Executive Tycoon - March 4, 2019

Tutorial #3 added & Tutorial #4 being finalized.

Patch 1.5c

Tech Executive Tycoon - February 16, 2019

As promised, we will continue to release each tutorial as soon as possible. As mentioned in the previous update, the implimentation of the tutorials was from the ground up and as a result, has taken a bit more time than initially expected. We have two more to release before we move on to the next content items.

Update 1.5b released

Tech Executive Tycoon - February 11, 2019

We implemented our tutorials system in the game. For this update, the building tutorial is currently available. Over the next few days, we intend to have all 4 available which will include the object placement, employee management and product creation tutorials. Time constraints and added complexity has extended the time required to complete this tutorial project. The good news is that the most complex portion is completed, and we can simply focus on adding tutorial content. Building the system from the ground up was much more of an undertaking than expected.

Patch 1.5a

Tech Executive Tycoon - February 1, 2019

When placing the square wall set, you can now right click to cancel the entire build selection. This improves things from what was before where once you started dragging out the placement of your wall, you could not back out of what you started. Worst yet, is that this would also lead to a bit of buggy behavior.

Update coming Next week

Tech Executive Tycoon - January 31, 2019

Hello everyone, as with last week's big update requiring two weeks of development time, the same will happen for this upcoming update.

Update 1.5 is released!

Tech Executive Tycoon - January 25, 2019

Unlocked the ability to delete walls.

Hotfix 1.4b

Tech Executive Tycoon - January 13, 2019

Fixed issue when creating a team, the hardware and software engineering buttons were switched

Hotfix 1.4a

Tech Executive Tycoon - January 12, 2019

Fixed issue where your development projects would continually be added to your Brand list after completion. Now, you should only see your project added to your Brand list after development only once as expected.

Update 1.4 is released!

Tech Executive Tycoon - January 12, 2019

Unlocked the ability to research technology in the game. The current technologies unlocked are specific to CPU's. More layers will be added when more products come online.

Hotfix 1.3c

Tech Executive Tycoon - January 8, 2019

Fixed issue with wholesale price of CPU's. The wholesale was higher than the average retail.

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Tech Executive Tycoon

Tech Executive Tycoon is a simulation, strategy, role playing game that places you in the seat of CEO and entrepreneur of your very own tech company. Can you take your company to the top with top of the line products? Can you command a world class group of employees?


Developer: WEB Gaming Entertainment,Dream Vision Games

Publisher: WEB Gaming Entertainment,Dream Vision Games

Type: game

Released: December 21, 2018


Score: 2,042

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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