The Forest

Game created by Endnight Games Ltd and released April 30, 2018 .

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The Forest s mutant cannibal island gets even weirder in its next update

The Forest - December 5, 2018

Weird new mutants, hang-gliders and twisted effigies of a comfortable suburban life lost – The Forest is getting a bit stranger in a big update next week. After four years in early access, the sandbox survival-horror game launched in full back in April, but Endnight Games never stopped work on it. Since launch, the game has seen a full VR mode added, a lot of tweaks and tuning and continued bug-hunting. The next update will be expanding its vaguely lovecraftian world a bit, with new things to build and fight and I think the player character may be cracking up a bit in the trailer below.

Update Trailer

The Forest - December 4, 2018

Our new update for The Forest will release December 10, on both PC and PS4.

New update details

The Forest - October 28, 2018

Our next PC patch will release early December. This patch will feature a new late game creature, some new buildables, a new weapon type, new clothing, and lots more. We’ve also been working on our multiplayer Anti-Cheat and have some big improvements in store.


The Forest - August 16, 2018

This patch focuses on performance and bug fixing. We’ve also been working on a much larger content focused update and should have news we can reveal about that soon.

VR beta patch 3

The Forest - June 15, 2018

This patch adds multiplayer support to the VR version of The Forest and also adds some fixes and improvements to the regular 2d version of the game.

Patch 1.08

The Forest - June 8, 2018

This patch fixes an issue where some PC’s could hang for a long time on starting a new game. We also fixed an issue where some dedicated servers wouldn’t be visible to all players, as well as a bug with hard survival in multiplayer save games that would set clients to normal instead of hard, and a fix for an issue with stashing burning weapons.

VR beta patch 2

The Forest - May 29, 2018

This patch implements some of the suggestions and ideas we’ve received since releasing the VR beta version last week. We also fixed an issue where the resolution was being applied incorrectly in VR making the game look like it was rendering lower res than it was.

Wot I Think: The Forest

The Forest - May 23, 2018

I’ve loved The Forest when I’ve played it in the past. I first took a look in 2014, finding it limited but a lot of fun. I then went back in 2015 to discover it was hugely improved and far more involved. I even videoed half an hour of my inept ambling. I have been back since then, but not written any more, but it’s probably close to two years since I really dug into it. Now it’s out in a final version, I’m surprised how little has changed in the last three years, but also pleased to find the same mix of survivor and terror. Not quite so pleased to discover so many of the classic bugs are still there. (more…)

VR beta hotfix 1

The Forest - May 22, 2018

Here is a patch for some of the issues that have come up in today’s VR beta release. We also saw people asking for smooth rotation and so added that option in, and changed how to drop logs/bodies.

The Forest VR Beta

The Forest - May 22, 2018

The Forest VR Beta


The Forest - May 17, 2018

This patch fixes an issue with crashing that could occur when building tree based structures.


The Forest - May 14, 2018

Today’s patch fixes some more issues that have come up since release. We also added an option in the gameplay tab for hosts of multiplayer games. This option gives hosts the ability to allow or block developer cheats on their servers. This doesn’t yet work with Modapi and other methods of cheating but we are planning on implementing that as a next step.


The Forest - May 8, 2018

Here’s an update, addressing some of the bugs that have come up recently and also adding in new brightness and contrast sliders.

Four years later, The Forest leaves early access

The Forest - May 1, 2018

Survival horror game The Forest has finally received its v1.0 full release after spending four years in Steam Early Access.

The Forest has just launched out of Early Access, so here's a trailer to celebrate

The Forest - May 1, 2018

Survival game The Forest has finally hit the V 1.0 milestone after nearly four years in Early Access – but studio End Night has promised that it will keep working on the game into the future. A new trailer was issued today (you can see it below), in addition to the previously reported price increase.

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The Forest

As the lone survivor of a passenger jet crash, you find yourself in a mysterious forest battling to stay alive against a society of cannibalistic mutants. Build, explore, survive in this terrifying first person survival horror simulator.


Developer: Endnight Games Ltd

Publisher: Endnight Games Ltd

Type: game

Released: April 30, 2018

Genres: Action, Adventure, Simulation, Indie, Early Access

Score: 1,154,505

Recommendations: 93991

Metacritic: 83

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