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Game created by Danilo Valeite and released October 17, 2019 .

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Detailed Description

TORINTO is a Run N' Gun game, up to two people can play simultaneously, with frantic levels and a chaotic environment, the players need to beat all enemies and collect the flags in order to score points at the end of each level, but if you die, all the collected flags will be lost.

If a player loses all lives, the player can sacrifice his score points to continue and try once more.

TORINTO is a kingdom dominated by an oppressing wizard called "MALZER", he has stolen the hearts of all the kingdom's inhabitants, but a couple of heroes have a very strong bond each other preventing to be affected from the wizard's sorcery, and together, they will fight to defeat this enemy and give back the hearts to the kingdom's inhabitants.

TORINTO will test your abilities to save the kingdom from its opressor.


Frantic and challenging, TORINTO is a Run N' Gun game with hordes enemies who will try to stop our Heroes from completing their journey.


Developer: Danilo Valeite

Publisher: DVL GAMES

Type: game

Released: October 17, 2019


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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