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Record Life

Game created by Zirbry Studio and released November 8, 2019 .

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V0.0.9-beta2 update

Record Life - June 28, 2020


[test version] v0.0.9-beta2

Record Life - May 20, 2020

V0.0.9-beta2: "industry, agriculture, business, industry and diligence" version has been updated with unstable version. Players can start the test through game attribute test unstable version

V0.0.9-beta1 update

Record Life - May 13, 2020


V0.0.8-beta1 update

Record Life - March 20, 2020

added a new family relationship for the family transformation script. Now you can set the name of the player's sister after selecting the script (incomplete)

V0.0.7-Beta4 Update

Record Life - February 12, 2020

V0.0.7-Beta1 Update

Record Life - January 22, 2020

V0.0.6-Beta4-Broken bureau #1

Record Life - December 14, 2019

This will be the last repair and supplement update of 0.0.6. The next update will officially enter the update phase of 0.0.7. I hope that the next big update will bring you better game content! Game, about to start change 1. The game now supports MAC Linux platform! 2. New unfilled content is added to prepare for new content update Repair and optimization 1. Now some time-consuming items have been done. Now, the water is boiled. After the completion of the project, the water is boiled 2. Now you can run and move in most scenes 3. Fear of other details optimization

V0.0.6-beta3 repair and update

Record Life - December 1, 2019

change Part of the content is still incomplete, but it is coming soon Repair and optimization 1. Repair the sudden appearance of Xiaomao in the state of no adoption 2. Change the house name of the female character to "warm house" 3. Fixed the problem that the mobile phone battery could not be removed when the charging station was full 4. Fixed the problem that the deposit in the deposit box could not be deducted 5. Fixed the problem that the female role was stuck when handling broadband 6. Add charging station for female character house 7. Modified the final judgment conditions of male characters 8. Adjusted the withdrawal amount of video income to withdraw every 100 gold coins (Note: a high level of copywriting can improve the basic playback) 9. Slightly increased the income from moving bricks (120 gold coins) 10. Now moving bricks will increase the upper limit of physique and physical strength 11. Slightly adjust the stock refresh mechanism

V0.0.6-beta2 repair update

Record Life - November 28, 2019

Fixed multiple known issues Notice: Women's role update Chuangke design school

V0.0.6-beta1 Update Supplement

Record Life - November 16, 2019

2 new background music added

V0.0.6-beta1 first update (test update)

Record Life - November 15, 2019

Due to the particularity of the update, this update is open to all recorders

First letter

Record Life - November 9, 2019

Although we don't know if all the recorders can understand how the game works, the builders have launched the publicity of the fictional world. As for whether the new recorder can finish the game, it is still an unknown puzzle. What the filmmakers need to do now is to keep the script going. Who can live in a world full of loopholes? No one knows... And the builders are now preparing to make further improvements and upgrades to the world.

Showing results 1 to 12 of 12

Record Life

Under certain conditions, try to change your life. This is a simulation business game based on real life, starting from scratch, to billionaires, perhaps in a minute or a second. A variety of occupations, regular life, cooking, dating, entertainment, life goals, disease and aging... Maybe we can live better.


Developer: Zirbry Studio

Publisher: 0Cube

Type: game

Released: November 8, 2019


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