Mini Tanks

Game created by myGame and released October 9, 2019 .

This item is no longer available on Steam.

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Detailed Description

Mini tank is a single-player strategy agile tank game.
In the world of mini tanks, you face powerful enemies.Will launch attacks on you from unexpected places, operate your keyboard and mouse, beautiful escape from the enemy attack.Good, I believe you can do it!
This tank game, using a simple style of UI, meticulous interface.It makes people look very comfortable.But don't let that make the game so easy to play, it will only make you let go of the psychological effects.In the game, Your operation hides your tanks from enemy fire, but also to find a way to break through the encirclement, take the enemy chief.
All right, summoner.Show me your skills!
Let ` s Go
Mini Tanks

Mini tank is a simple style of strategy shooting game.It's hard to forget the impact of the game. Ready?Enter the mini tank world with me!


Developer: myGame

Publisher: myGame

Type: game

Released: October 9, 2019


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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