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Skyforge - Firestarter Collector's Edition

Dlc created by Allods Team and released September 3, 2019 .

App changes last updated 5 months ago

Detailed Description

Ready to set Aelion ablaze? This Collector’s Edition unlocks the Firestarter, the latest powerful class to join Skyforge! This dark trickster is a master of fire magic, and uses fireballs, meteors, and blazing breath to torch enemies.

The Firestarter Collector’s Edition contains:
- Firestarter Class Unlock
- Exclusive Mount
- Exclusive Legendary Weapon
- 14 Days of Premium
- 18,000 Knowledge of Enemies
- 2,000 Aelerium-9 Catalysts
- 1,000 Ether Catalysts

**This DLC will be delivered to the server that your FIRST log into after purchasing it. Please ensure that you log into the server that you want to receive these items and currencies on (Server selection is available in the Game Center, after launching the game from your Steam library).
Skyforge - Firestarter Collector's Edition

The Firestarter Collector’s Edition contains:- Firestarter Class Unlock- Exclusive Mount- Exclusive Legendary Weapon- 14 Days of Premium- 18,000 Knowledge of Enemies- 2,000 Aelerium-9 Catalysts- 1,000 Ether Catalysts

Parent Game

Developer: Allods Team

Publisher: MY.GAMES

Type: dlc

Released: September 3, 2019


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