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Game created by PredposledniyRubikon and released September 23, 2019 .

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Industriworks v0.3.3 is released

Industriworks - April 16, 2020

Hello, Industriworks v0.3.3 is released. Added new shaders that makes block side shadows possible.

Industriworks v0.3.2 is released.

Industriworks - March 29, 2020

Hello, it's an update with Building Mode added.

Industriworks v0.3.1 is released

Industriworks - March 1, 2020

Hello, it's v0.3.1 update.

Industriworks v0.3 is released

Industriworks - February 27, 2020

Hello, new version of Industriworks is come.

Industriworks v0.2.2 is released now

Industriworks - December 3, 2019

Hello, Industriworks version v0.2.2 brings you better achievement system.

Industriworks v0.2.1 is released.

Industriworks - November 27, 2019

Hello, It's v0.2.1 update.

Industriworks v0.2 is released now!

Industriworks - November 18, 2019

Hello everyone. Industriworks v0.2 is released.

Industriworks v0.1 is released.

Industriworks - October 14, 2019

Industriworks v0.1 is live now. Added Golems, Slimes, Money Points, Spells, and Music.

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Dig and build in a blocky sandbox world, economize heat in smelter to smelt more resources at once. There is few ores, metals, alloys and other materials, that you can use in your crafting to make powerful tools and golems.


Developer: PredposledniyRubikon

Publisher: PredposledniyRubikon

Type: game

Released: September 23, 2019


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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