Lady and Blade

Game created by Kazuya,tensun3d and released September 3, 2019 .

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Detailed Description

Lady and Blade 1.2

[Add]Show treasure box on the map
[Update]Update staff list

[Add]Add support for XBOX joystick
[Add]Add a button to quickly upgrade and prompt on the UI
[Add]Add XBOX joystick operation instructions
[Add]Add a new jumping sound
[Fix]Fix the problem that the 4th level of the ladder movement was not smooth
[Fix]Fix a problem with sound when changing scenes
[Fix]Fix the problem of abnormal save/load of the 10th level
[Update]halve all monsters
[Update]Reduces the first level of all enemies' blood volume by 50%
[Update]Modify the boundaries of each level
[Delete]Cancel the rush when attack
[Delete]Cancel motion blur

About the Game

This is a strong sense of role upgrading, fast paced ARPG game, no complex combat system, with a refreshing sense of attack and not drag the game process, no tedious legwork, is a full journey can be carefree and various monsters against the game.

The protagonist of the story is a female assassin who wields a samurai sword. She is sexy and mature - the blade is slender, and the two are perfectly integrated to combine hot blood and romance. The weak figure rushes on the battlefield, fighting against countless powerful enemies, making the blood bloom like a rose. She is also like a rosebush on the battlefield, as beautiful as a fairy, but the sharp thorns will hurt people who dare to pick, falling as cherry blossoms.

There are a variety of gorgeous costumes in the game, perfectly shaping the assassin’s figure. The black silk cheongsam shows her mature charm, and massive cute costumes are hidden in the treasure chests in every corner of the world available for exploration.

The game pursues the ultimate fighting experience, with smooth and elegant movements, splendid scenes of swords, and clang of swords and scream of enemies. From the killing combo to powerful and swift magic attacks, it will assure you the thrill of sweeping the battlefield. Fight to be the strongest assassin! (Seriously, are you really an assassin? I have never seen you assassinating anyone. All the enemies are annihilated like grass by you with hack-slash ╮(╯▽╰)╭)
Lady and Blade

This is a fast paced ARPG game. The heroine is a sexy and mature assassin, who can be replaced by a variety of clothing styles, with『Hack and Slash』that allows you to experience the pleasure of sweeping the battlefield.


Developer: Kazuya,tensun3d

Publisher: REDTOMBO

Type: game

Released: September 3, 2019


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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