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Dead Hand

Game created by One Man Army Games and released July 26, 2019 .

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Update 1.22

Dead Hand - September 14, 2020

Update 1.22 is live bringing local Hi-Score tables plus the usual assortment of fixes and tweaks.

Update 1.21a

Dead Hand - August 9, 2020

Here's a hotfix for an issue where destroyed enemy hulls could keep "phantom" weapons mounted and, when kept stored in the inventory, would prevent the savegame from loading.

Update 1.21

Dead Hand - August 8, 2020

Update 1.21 brings fixes for a couple of elusive bugs regarding navigation mesh generation & pathfinding.

Update 1.2 and Anniversary Sale

Dead Hand - July 27, 2020

Update 1.2 is here bringing a brand new "Accelerated Mode" intended for seasoned players wanting to reach the later levels more quickly in exchange for a steeper difficulty curve.

Update 1.16

Dead Hand - June 21, 2020

Update 1.16 is live introducing a new miniboss, some balance tweaks and a minor bugfix.

Update 1.15

Dead Hand - June 1, 2020

Update 1.15 is live with a few improvements and balancing tweaks.

Dead Hand Update 1.14

Dead Hand - March 23, 2020

Another small update: Having a twin mount equipped would prevent the savegame from loading correctly; this has now been fixed.

Dead Hand Update 1.13

Dead Hand - February 28, 2020

I've just pushed a small update that fixes some instances where the first level exit couldn't be reached without needing to dig a path to it.

Dead Hand Update 1.12

Dead Hand - December 3, 2019

Update version 1.12 adds GUI Scaling, improving readability on high resolution and high pixel density displays. It can be configured under Settings -> Graphics -> GUI Scaling, where it can be set to one of the following values:

Dead Hand Update 1.1

Dead Hand - October 28, 2019

Update 1.1 is now live on Steam bringing the following additions and improvements to Dead Hand:

Update v1.01

Dead Hand - August 10, 2019

I've just pushed a small update containing bugfixes and QoL improvements. Here's the changelog:

Dead Hand tactics primer

Dead Hand - August 6, 2019

After seeing one too many gameplay video of the player being a sitting duck in the open trading shots until he gets killed, never bothering to heal; or firing at enemies' chassis and weapons (or even at walls!) and then complaining that they take too long too die; I've decided to write a short guide explaining some of Dead Hand gameplay basics.

Dead Hand is out now!

Dead Hand - July 26, 2019

Want to enjoy some old school gameplay combined with modern tech?, then grab it while it's hot to take advantage of the 15% Off launch discount. Make sure to watch the Steam launch trailer below to find out what modular vehicle combat in a fully destructible cave is all about!.

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Dead Hand

Dead Hand is a turn based tactical roguelike game set in a fully destructible procedural environment. Guide your Autonomous Weapons Platform in a fatalistic trek through a multiple level underground cave complex in order to fulfill your directives.


Developer: One Man Army Games

Publisher: One Man Army Games

Type: game

Released: July 26, 2019


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Metacritic: 0

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