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Backspace Bouken

Game created by RNG Party Games and released December 13, 2019 . 1 DLCs have been released, the last on December 13, 2019.

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Backspace Bouken is out NOW!

Backspace Bouken - December 13, 2019

Backspace Bouken, the wacky typing RPG, is out NOW on Steam & Itch! We’re running a 10% discount for the first week. Hope you enjoy our first game!

Backspace Bouken OST Announcement

Backspace Bouken - December 9, 2019

The Backspace Bouken OST will be available on Steam & Bandcamp this Friday when the game comes out! It'll consist of 19 tracks or around 30 minutes of music for $4.99.

Backspace Bouken Launches next Friday!

Backspace Bouken - December 6, 2019

Finally, Backspace Bouken is coming out December 13th on Steam and Itch.

Backspace Bouken is coming (very) soon! (also, achievements)

Backspace Bouken - December 2, 2019

Backspace Bouken IS still coming out in 2019 (that means this month)! We will have news to share very soon. We're in our playtesting phase and the bulk of the game is complete.

Backspace Bouken Beta Demo Available!

Backspace Bouken - September 12, 2019

Wrestle a high-speed battle system that relies on your typing skills in Backspace Bouken, the old-school dungeon crawler. We’re proud to release a new beta demo, this time directly on Steam! We'd appreciate any feedback you have here!

Some important news and our very own Discord server!

Backspace Bouken - September 9, 2019

Come join our Discord server! Here we can provide support for the game as well as receive feedback from players and share less-official "devlogs" and bits that we're working on.

Demo out now!

Backspace Bouken - June 2, 2019

We've released an early in-development demo version of Backspace Bouken on our Itch. It features an early alpha version of the introductory parts of the game. We appreciate any feedback!

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Backspace Bouken

Type your way through absurd encounters and mysterious puzzles in this old-school typing dungeon crawler.


Developer: RNG Party Games

Publisher: RNG Party Games

Type: game

Released: December 13, 2019


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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