The Final Image

Game created by Martin Jarmick,Andrew Theisen and released June 13, 2019 .

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Detailed Description

The Final Image is an experimental VR narrative integrating stereoscopic-3D panoramas, interactive spaces, and soundscape to form a visual-sonic experience of fragmented recollections, and an inner journey towards reassembly and clarity. Use a controller to activate objects, traverse passages, and explore a dark and surreal world.
The project was created to evoke the dreamlike quality in experimental cinema and sound art, and development lasted nearly two years with a team of two. The pace is contemplative and the narrative is poetic, so take your time and keep an open mind.

Warning: The Final Image is not a conventional game and was created as a interactive audio/visual artwork for VR

• Unique interactive visual experience
• Dark atmosphere and crawling pace
• Rich original soundscape
• High-res stereoscopic-3D image spaces

Martin Jarmick: Author / Artist / Developer
Andrew Theisen: Co-Developer
Terence and Angela Kelley: Voice Talent / Actors
Adam Hogan: Camera / Imaging Associate
Yun Mi Her, Sarah Maglaras: Assistance
The Final Image

Experimental cinematic VR experience


Developer: Martin Jarmick,Andrew Theisen

Publisher: Martin Jarmick

Type: game

Released: June 13, 2019


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Metacritic: 0

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